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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Days of Darkness

Catholics and other Christians who study prophecy have at least once run across a coming "Three Days of Darkness."  Reading the prophecy can instill fear, especially if one isn't prepared.  Many prophets have outlined their visions over the centuries. Among the scariest of of them is that of Marie Julie Jahenny, French mystic and stigmatist who lived from 1850 to 1941:

In a vision of a dialogue between Our Lord and Lucifer, the latter said, "I will attack the Church. I will overthrow the Cross, I will decimate the people, I will deposit a great weakness of faith in hearts. There will also be A GREAT DENIAL OF RELIGION. For a time I will be MASTER of all things, everything will be under MY CONTROL, even Your temple and all Your people." 

Marie-Julie said, "Saint Michael says that Satan will have possession of everything for some time and that he will reign completely over everything ; that all goodness, faith, religion will be buried in the tomb. . . Satan and his own will triumph with joy, but after this triumph, the Lord will in His turn gather His own people and will REIGN and TRIUMPH OVER EVIL and WILL RAISE UP from the tomb the buried Church, the prostrated Cross. . . " 
Marie-Julie announced the three days of darkness during which the infernal powers will be loosed and will execute all the enemies of God:

"The crisis will explode suddenly; the punishments will be shared by all and will succeed one another without interruption... "
( January 4, 1884).

"The three days of darkness "... will be on a THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Days of the Most Holy Sacrament, of the Cross and Our Lady. . . ." three days less one night."
"The earth will be covered in darkness»", says Our Lady on 20th of September 1882, "...AND HELL WILL BE LOOSED ON EARTH. Thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in My Power, to die of fear."
"During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth and the terrible colour it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once... "
"The sky will be on fire, the earth will split... During these three days of darkness let the blessed candle be lighted everywhere, no other light will shine.... "
"NO ONE OUTSIDE A SHELTER.. will survive. The earth will shake as at the judgment and fear will be great. Yes, We will listen to the prayers of your friends ; NOT ONE WILL PERISH. We will need them to publish the glory of the Cross.... "(8th of December 1882)

" THE CANDLES OF BLESSED WAX ALONE WILL GIVE LIGHT during this horrible darkness. ONE CANDLE alone will be enough for the duration of this night of hell... In the homes of the wicked and blasphemers these candles will give NO LIGHT."

"And Our Lady states : "Everything will shake except the piece of furniture on which the blessed candle is burning. This will not shake. You will all gather around with the crucifix and my blessed picture. This is what will keep away this terror."
"During this darkness the devils and the wicked will take on THE MOST HIDEOUS SHAPES... red clouds like blood will move across the sky. The crash of the thunder will shake the earth and sinister lightning will streak the heavens out of season. The earth will be shaken to its foundations. The sea will rise, its roaring waves will spread over the continent..."
"THE EARTH WILL BECOME LIKE A VAST CEMETERY». The bodies of the wicked and the just will cover the ground."
"Three-quarters of the population of the globe will disappear. Half the population of France will be destroyed." 

Like all prophecies, people tend to speculate on the day, the hour, and the possible cause of these events.  Will it be a celestial cataclysm like a solar flare or a comet, or was Jahenny seeing the results of a nuclear war which she didn't understand at the time of these prophecies? It's good to speculate, but it's better to be prepared. Purchasing items such as storable food and water is a good idea, but I decided to prepare first for the spiritual battle.

In all extended families, there are various levels of faith represented.   I decided that, at the very least, my loved ones should have the necessary items spoken about in the Three Days of Darkness prophecies, so I made 24 Holy Kits; one for each household in my and my husband's family as well as for the future households of my children. My husband built beautiful, custom made wooden keepsake boxes to contain the necessary items in an attractive way so the items wouldn't be tossed into a forgotten drawer, but be displayed and ready for use at all times.  Once all the items were assembled, I chose a good, holy priest who would take this work seriously and invited him to come over and bless all the kits before distribution. He even blessed my house! The presence of Christ in my home during this Godly event was strong!   The photo above shows the beautiful boxes and the blessed items I put in each kit.  A niece jokingly called hers an Armageddon kit as she graciously accepted it,  and a faith-filled cousin joyfully noted that the boxes resemble tabernacles! 

The Holy Kits, ready to be blessed.
Three Days of Darkness kits:  Hand-crafted wooden storage box, jar of (sterilized and sealed) holy water, 100% beeswax blessed candle that will burn for 72 hours (purchased from the St. Michael the Archangel online store, see link on this blog under "Catholic Resources on the Web"), blessed matches, blessed salt (to sprinkle on doorways, windowsills, and in food),  pamphlet with a compilation of Three Days of Darkness prophecies I edited myself, pamphlet I wrote on How to Pray the Rosary, a Divine Mercy holy card with image for veneration, plastic baggie containing Miraculous Medals, St. Benedict medals, small blessed crucifixes to attach to the outside of all entry doors (think Passover), double-stick tape for each entry door crucifix, large blessed crucifix for veneration and prayer, rosaries for prayer and meditation on the gospel mysteries (one shown), scapulars (one shown).


  1. I was baptized Orthodox. I love my Orthodox Church, but we have been schismed from the full Church -- the Catholic Church. In 2003, at the age of 57, I joined the Catholic Church, as Our Lady of Medjugorje guided me to know Jesus and understand and support Him with all my heart and soul! The Orthodox and Catholic Churches believe that by receiving the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity our Our Lord Jesus Christ, and have faith and trust in His Gospel of Love and Mercy for all, we will be SAVED.

    As I hungered to know and love Jesus more, I searched and found The three days of darkness prophecy. I believe there is great truth in this. I take this very seriously. After asking our Deacon about it, he remembers being taught about it several years ago while preparing to become a Catholic Deacon.

    Jesus told His disciples (and therefore us, his disciples as well) that there would be a time like no other time of trouble and never will be again, and then He will return.

    The sin of abortion and promiscuity has caused great anger with Our Heavenly Father. We have turned out backs on His Son, Jesus, who mercifully continues to call us back to His Father, to holiness and purity of heart, mind and body. We have not listened. We continue to believe that everything good in this world is because of our sole efforts. This is a lie that Satan continues to give us. In fact, we don't even believe anymore that there is a Satan either.

    This darkness is a lack of the LIGHT only Jesus maintains for us through His Precious Blood -- His choosing to die for us, His brothers and sisters -- on the Cross of Calvary.

    I learned how to pray a Rosary before I became a Catholic. Please learn to do this, too. The Rosary is very powerful and protective for every member of your family. Even if only one person in the family learns it, the family will be saved.

    Pray that abortion be conquered in America. We are a nation that used to believe in God. We are supposed to be a model for the rest of the world.

    Pray that the Holy Love of Jesus and Mary protect us, my brothers and sisters.

    Amelia Buzzell

  2. I received instructions from the Lord some time ago to prepare similar kits called "Spiritual First Aid Kits." I made sure to include instructions on how to recognize the approach of the 3 days of darkness and what to do during it, like cover all windows, don't look out, etc. I am so happy to know someone else felt the same need to prepare. My 2 prayer groups have done likewise. God bless.

    1. Gloria DeFranciscoMarch 17, 2014 at 4:22 AM

      Hi. Would you share with me what you put in your Spiritual First Aid Kit and the instructions on how to recognize the approach of the 3 days of darkness? I would so appreciate it. You can email me at
      I would like to prepare for my family. May God and His Blessed Mother watch over you. Sincerely, Gloria of Massachusetts

  3. Medjugorje is false. one of the visionaries commented he was seeing "something" study online about this fraud, also, all the extensive verbiage and frequency of visions is unlike God and His angels.

    1. I was converted back to the Catholic Church after being away for 18 years after I attended a talk on Medjugorje. I've been to Medjugorje 3 times and hope to go again. People who have rubbished Medjugorje are people who have'nt been there. Jesus said judge it by the fruits. If it is not of God it will go away. After over 30 yrs it is still going. I have so many friends who came back to the Church through Medjugorje. You don't have to believe but don't say it is false, you may be fighting against God.

    2. be careful that you do not hurl our loving mother along like the others.. you should just keep your thoughts to your self Christine.. there are seers among all of us.. and we do not need to always tell you that why you do is your own business.. but, Jesus, has put some of us here to know the truth and to spread it.. think.. we do not go where our views and you sit outside our house and tell us things we know to be true.. you need not voice your opinion in our forum.. nobody here will take heed to someone that knows nothing.. would behoove you to pray your rosary, and ask for intersession through the Holy Spirit, and ask the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary to not despise your petitions, and ask her to pray for you before the throne room
      u see.. you are a perfect example of Calvinists.. and more..

    3. barking dogs.. never really know what they are barking about.

    4. oh my... Jesus, please let us pray our Rosaries.. for our Holy Queen of the Rosary our Loving Heavenly Mother

    5. medjugorje has likely as in fatima portugal

  4. Must share...must share....please don't judge me. Now, I knew about the 3 days of Darkness many years ago (over 20). Never thought about it again until this year when I was cleaning out an old box of religious notes, clippings and misc. that I kept from back then. I found the paper that talked about the 3 days and how to prepare. I always thought (believed) that the Rosary was a "key" of some sort...hard to explain exactly what I mean but, today, I was reading the messages given to Maria Devine Mercy (first ones 2010) the one dated Nov. 20, 2010...where it mentioned the 3 days of darkness...then at 11:40CT (to go inline when Our Lady of Medjugorje is appearing...trying to cover all my bases)...started praying the Rosary (Joyful mysteries)...when I got to the Fifth joyful mystery...Finding Jesus in the Temple...and started to read Luke 2:46-48..."after 3 days they found him in the Temple"...something inside me clicked...for 3 days Our Lady did not know where the Christ Child was...for 3 days you could say...we will be trying to find where Christ is. I have been praying for discernment for a while now...and all I can say is, after I read the versus...I cried because it really felt like I had been given some sort of confirmation that we will experience what Our Lady experienced. I know this sounds weird but I had to share. Also, in my box I found something that proved to me that the head image of the Shroud of Turin and the image of Christ in the book "Heaven is for Real" is the same person...again please don't judge...I prayed for discernment because I am a very curious person and I truly believe that in these times...if you pray hard enough you will receive it.

    1. The moment of the greatest darkness is the moment before the greatest light.
      time is short. The events are near. They are not far away.
      It will be clear to all the Christian Churches that there is a new call to unity, a call to unity at the roots and in the heart..
      The world will experience a powerful call to come out of darkness.
      they will say, “We must be one”. All the barriers to unity, put up over the many centuries, will be swept away in one breath of the Spirit.
      there will be a union of hearts brought about by the events that the whole world will have has seen and can never forget.. Jesus warning and encouraging words watch and pray.. 3 times He went back finding us falling asleep.. 3 times He woke us up.. and you are right.. 3 days of Anguished searching for Christ.. let us "watch and pray"

  5. I am very happy to have seen this website and get confirmation of this prophecy which I read some time ago through an email I received. I will be preparing this kit for my family.

    Thank you and God bless.

  6. Many have asked me where I found all the items. Pasted below is a sample question, and my response is below it.

    Thank you so much for this information. I'd like to make one of these kits as well...but I need some help.

    I have questions:

    1. Which scapulars do I buy?
    2. Where do I get blessed matches and blessed salt?
    3. Why must the jar of Holy water be sterilized and sealed? Is the Holy water blessed before or, after it is poured into the jar?
    4. Would you kindly provide me with a copy of the pamphlet with a compilation of Three Days of Darkness prophecies you edited yourself?

    I am so sorry to trouble you, but I hope you will be able to help me. This is so overwhelming for me.

    Thank you and God bless You!"

    1. I used the Brown Scapulars. They contain a blessing that whosoever wears then with faith will not perish in hell. I thought these were appropriate for the upcoming tumultuous events.
    2a. I purchased a big box of regular book matches at a local cigar store. I also went to a large home improvement store and bought a large box of wooden matches. I tossed a few into each kit.
    2b. I purchased the filled picnic salt shakers at my local grocery store. The down side was they were shrink-wrapped together with pepper shakers. Instead of buying the 24 I needed, I purchased 12 sets. I emptied the pepper out of the black shakers (the bottom pops out), soaked them in hot soapy water to get the peppery smell out (it didn't really work!), dried them thoroughly and then filled them with salt.
    3. The water does not need to be sterilized and sealed, but not all family members use holy water regularly, so I wanted to make sure it would have a long, long shelf life. I boiled the water, and I also boiled the jars.
    4. I can try to upload my pamphlet onto this blog site for you to print...I've never done that before and don't know if it's possible. I will try so keep checking back.

    Extra tidbits:
    *I purchased the 8" plastic crucifixes for prayer and veneration online at the Sacco Company. I searched for a long time to find a decently-sized crucifix that looked good and was inexpensive. I highly recommend these if you are buying in bulk.
    *I am very happy with the blessed beeswax candles from the St. Michael store, link is on this blog, left side, under "Catholic Online Stores".
    * I purchased aluminum Miraculous Medals and St. Benedict Medals online at Madonna Religious Supply Company:

    *I purchased the small, metal crucifixes (to affix to the entry doors of each household) in bulk on ebay. I searched for bulk crucifixes. These were actually designed for necklaces. I purchased enough to have at least two or three for each household, depending on how many exterior entry doors they had. I purchased double stick tape for affixing the crucifixes above each entry door at an office supply store.

    *I received the hand-knotted rosaries from a local convent for a donation. They also supplied hand-made brown scapulars! God was truly with me on this project.

    *I also threw in a pamphlet entitled, "How To Pray The Rosary". I figured in an emergency, many family members might need a reminder. These can be purchased online. You can even click my page, "How to Pray the Rosary" and print that out.

    *It's important to put all these items in a nice presentation container, otherwise the items will be tossed aside. The kit must always be at the ready.

    *Divine Mercy prayer cards were purchased from a local religious supply store.

    It wasn't until all the items were assembled and labeled (I made labels using a Word program on my computer), and my wonderful husband crafted 24 beautiful boxes that ended up looking like little tabernacles, that we invited a good, devout priest to our home so he could bless the boxes. The blessing covered all the items in the box (I made sure to ask him!).

    May God bless and keep you and your loved ones, and may He guide and help us in these upcoming days.


    1. Dear Lovey,
      Thank you for this wonderful information regarding the three days of darkness. It is truly frightening, but with faith devotion, and prayer, may Our Heavenly Father and His Blessed Mother bring us through this. Not sure if you will get this message, but your husband's boxes are beautiful. Does he sell them, as I would most definitely buy several for my family. Also, would you share the pamphlet you made of the Three Days of Darknes

    2. Dear Bette, I apologize for not replying to your comment right away. The reason your comment doesn't immediately post to the page is that I moderate the comments, so I must approve them before they appear.

      Thank you for your kind words about the boxes. He felt it was important to present all the blessed objects in an attractive container so they would be kept in a place that was always accessible, and even on display! We do not sell them, but you can certainly create them for your family! I think somewhere in the comments may have promised to figure out how to make the pamphlet downloadable, but I have not been able. If anyone can help with instructions it would be appreciated!

    3. Dear Lovey,
      I have searched but cannot find or get an answer on how to download the pamphlet you created on the Three Days of Darkness. Is there any way you could email it to me and then I could post it for you on this blog? My email is Thank you and God bless you and yours. Sincerely, Gloria

  7. These "kits" are beautiful! Would your husband be willing to share his dimensions/plans for the boxes?

    1. The dimensions of the boxes are:
      Height: 25.5 cm (10 inches)
      Length: 20 cm (7 3/4 inches)
      Width: 20 cm (7 3/4 inches)

      The wood used has thickness 1 cm (1/2 inch)
      The corners are mitred to fit together cleanly. The lid is mitred to fit gently onto the top and be flush with the rest of the cube shape.

      I applied a decorative Celtic cross onto each box. This is a reminder that the contents within are blessed and are to be used for holy purposes.

      I was delighted when a devout relative exclaimed in joy that they look just like little tabernacles!

  8. A word on the condense of your kit. The water should be blessed with the churches exorcism prayer. The salt should be sea salt (natural) and also be blessed with the appropriate exorcism prayer. ST Benedicts medals wouldn't hurt either. There is a exorcism prayer for them as well. Exorcism prayers can be found on line. God Bless you.

  9. Must the candles, salt, medals, etc. be "officially" blessed by a Catholic Priest? Peace be with you!

    1. Yes, according to prophecy, the items should be blessed by a Catholic priest.

  10. I have heard the candles must be 100 percent beeswax or 51 percent or better. The prophecy I read says blessed wax candles. I have a problem finding 100 percent beeswax. Which is correct?

    1. I don't know, but I played it safe and purchased candles from the St. Michael Store online (the link is provided on this blog at the side bar) and I believe they say their candles are 100% beeswax but I'm not sure.

  11. Where is your Bible?!?! This is God the Father's gift to mankind. It is all holy and complete.
    "In the beginning was the Word and the Word is God"

    1. Excellent point! It would have been a great idea to put a small volume of the Holy Gospels into each box. I strongly advise it!

    2. That scripture passage from St. John's Gospel is not identifying the "Word" as the you believe the Bible is God???

  12. Can you make me up a kit, I'll pay shipping and cost

    1. I'm sorry Leo, I don't sell these kits. It's not very hard to obtain these items through Internet purchases or from stores that sell Catholic items. Don't forget to get them blessed by your priest!

  13. Please let me know how much these kits are , so that I can purchase 1 immediately.

    1. Dear Anonymous, I'm sorry, I do not sell these kits! But it's not hard to put one together. The items are relatively simple to obtain.

  14. Such beautiful, wonderful boxes of holiness! I just wanted to say, though, that you ought to ditch the Divine Mercy cards. Divine Mercy was TWICE CONDENMED, before Vatican II. God bless you!

  15. \\Marie-Julie said, "Saint Michael says that Satan will have possession of everything for some time and that he will reign completely over everything ;\\

    Jesus said, "All power is given to ME, both in heaven and on earth."

    Whom should we believe? Jesus? Or what someone said an angel said?

  16. The cataclysm description is accurate to astronomical event cause by ozone layer depletion and deadly waves of radiation will burn the Earth for some time, maybe three days. It is until natural balance will restore protected Earth ozone. It is one probability caused by WG104 gamma radiation from Supernova in Sagittarius zodiac sign on the sky. Even to be just happened 8600 years ago plus some days ahead for us. So when you see very bright star on the sky it also getting gamma deadly radiation. Do not look up on it long but hide in the house for 3 days.