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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eucharistic Miracle, Buenos Aires

Dr. Ricardo Castanon-Gomez PhD is a reknowned scientist, former atheist, Catholic convert, and author of the book Cuando La Palabra Hiere (When the Word Hurts). He travels the world investigating Catholic mystical phenomena and runs scientific tests to prove or disprove them. His mission began when he decided to disprove one miracle, and ended up a strong believer.  He is the president and researcher of the International Group for Peace and, in the video below, is speaking at the 2008 Faith and Science Conference about his scientific investigation of a Eucharistic miracle in Buenos Aires.

Ron Tesoriero, an Australian attorney, became interested in studying Catholic mystical phenomena through science and now works to create films and documentaries. He says of Dr. Castanon-Gomez,  “a fascinating man…dedicated to his work, scrupulously thorough, and courageously open-minded. As a neuropsychophysiologist, …(he is) an expert in relating the physical and chemical activities of the brain to human behavior. In challenging these claims of apparitions and revelations, he sought to use the best (that) science, medicine, and psychiatry had to offer.”  (quote from


 To see the full talk by Dr. Castanon about the biology and chemistry of spirit, miracles and apparitions, watch the video below. 


  1. I have watch this movie on several times. It is absolutely amazing. It confirms what I always knew, that the consecrated Eucharistic host is the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

  2. I believe the Sacrifice on the Cross is repeated on the Alter and we indeed receive the actual Body of our Sole Redeemer, Jesus Christ. (Sole (only/unique and alone in it's status) no pun intended--putting to rest that there is any other way, except in Jesus Christ to be saved.)

  3. Yes, this is true and real. Once Consecrated, the host becomes the real, true body and blood of our savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. "no One but through me shall come unto the Father". We are told we must go to communion but, we are NOT to go in the state of sin and therefore, confession is required first. In a state of grace, sin free and freshly confessed, we then receive Holy Communion. This increases Gods ability within us, to help deflect temptations and remain in his Glory. Only Catholics, the one true church established by Jesus, which can be traced back to the time of Jesus is the true religion and church of Jesus Christ. The Church has been attacked and twisted to provide even True Catholics with a watered down substitute of mass and even now, today, at Mass, Priests turn their back to the presence of God while doing mass and face the people. Repent people for the time of the Great Chastisement is near. Look to Russia & China as they will move to establish Communism throughout the world and shortly there after will be the 3 days of Darkness and the Great Cleansing as well as the return to ALL to one true Faith and Church of Jesus Christ - THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH not the "King James" altered and man made created version of Christ's rules and laws!!!