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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Promoting Our Holy Mother's Rosary

I am grateful for Archbishop Diarmuid of Dublin's public statement about the messages of Maria Divine Mercy. If they contradict Catholic theology, then as the good Bishop says, they are false.  I feel that my work in helping our Holy Mother promote the holy rosary on this blog was put on hold for the sake of helping Catholics not lose their souls by falling for these messages filled with incorrect doctrine, and especially since a good part of the messages cruelly denigrated Pope Francis.  Now that a statement has been made by the proper authority, I can go back to the original purpose of this blog and don't see a further need to publish anything else, anywhere, about Maria Divine Mercy.

Here is a helpful article from CNA about how to pray a family rosary.  Our Holy Mother gave us the tremendous gift of the rosary for a reason. It is an important and powerful prayer. I like calling it "praying the Gospel."

"How to Pray a Family Rosary:
  • "Personalize it:  Each family member should have their own Rosary.  Children may play with it.  Girls may wear it as a necklace.  Boys will try to use it as a lasso.  That’s fine.  It helps them become familiar with a Rosary.  Eventually they will learn and grow in reverence for their Rosary.
  • "Create a habit: Set a time that is comfortable for your family and that works without adding stress.  When it doesn’t happen, don’t give up entirely, just pick it up again the next day...
 Click here to access the full article:  How to Pray a Family Rosary