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Thursday, January 2, 2014

MDM In Her Own Words: Transcribed Interview

Here are Maria Divine Mercy's exact words in her October, 2011 telephone interview on a Philadelphia radio show called "As The Spirit Leads" on station WTMR hosted by Barbara Ann Marion and with telephone guest Father Neil Buchlein.   I have transcribed their words exactly as heard, including verbal stumbles. The words of the interviewer, Barbara Ann, are in double parentheses and labeled to dispel confusion. The words of Father Buchlein are in brackets and labeled. Time stamps and necessary notes are in single parentheses. 

Maria Divine Mercy and Barbara Ann often interrupt each other, so, for the sake of simplicity, I placed some of the interruptions AFTER the full statements on many of the interchanges. 

With this interview in written form, it is easier to examine her words, views, descriptions, doctrinal errors and self-contradictions, especially regarding subsequent messages over the years.  Feel free to comment.

The words OUTSIDE parentheses are those of Maria Divine Mercy VERBATIM.

A link to the radio interview can be found below the article if you want to listen to the interview and read along.

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((Barbara Ann, already speaking at start of recording:  …Eh, whether it’s in Europe or)) Anywhere. ((Barbara Ann:  Anywhere, okay! That’s great…uh…)) It’s been an extraordinary journey, (clears throat) because, em, you want me to tell you how it happened? ((Barbara Ann: I would love to know! You know, did it just happen to you all of a sudden, did …)) No…((Barbara Ann:  Oh, it came in little bits? Okay tell us what…)) well, yeah, I’ll start off…em…First of all, em,  I was a lapsed catholic, I’d no real interest in religion. In fact I could honestly say I was heading toward being agnostic…em…hadn’t received sacraments for years including confession – had no interest, quite frankly, because my life was different, em, far removed from, from going to church or going to mass. I was a high-flyer businesswoman. ((Barbara Ann: Mmm Hmm!))  However, em, I think myself before the message began I think there was a preparation – I didn’t  realize at the time what it was, but what actually happened was …I…was…visiting somebody in hospital, and I went into the church and I happened to pray before a statue of our Lady. This is a year beforehand. Now I hadn’t prayed for a long, long time. And as I prayed she came out on the altar. I…I… I was so…like how can I describe it… I freaked out …((Barbara Ann: So were you in the church by yourself at the time?))  …Yeah, I had no there was another person with me …((Barbara Ann: And did they see it too?)) Yeah…((Barbara Ann: Oh, they DID? Okay.)) Yeah  But that sort of …but that was helpful because at least I knew it wasn’t just ME. Em, I, I, I was…when I saw her I couldn’t move. Em, she was so powerful, so strong. The image came and she was crying, and I was just gobsmacked and I ran out of the chapel …trembling…couldn’t..I couldn’t keep it together as we say here [laugh], em, and then …a few days later I thought I’d go back, and I was visiting this particular person in the hospital and I kept going back and every single time I went back…now…after that I was on my own, I kept seeing figures coming from the statue I didn’t know what they were, but I saw, eh, figures of, em, a little girl with a shawl. I saw a man with a skullcap, a dark skullcap, with a beard. I still don’t know who that is ((Barbara Ann: Was it Padre Pio, do you think?)) Could be, because I’ve seen him since em,  it could have been him  as a young person, and then I kept seeing this nun and she just, she had a square headpiece on her head. It was such an extraordinary habit. Like… I- I- I- I-,  I said …who are these? What am I seeing here? It was shocking. I mean REALLY shocking…em…so this went on and, eh,  to make a long story short I…I…these visions were coming for quite some time. And then finally in November, I went to a grotto where I li- not far from where I live, and I was with a few friends who I’d heard there was a rosary group and I just…something made me go down and when I went down that day that’s what changed everything. Because, as I looked at her statue she came out again. But after, straightaway I saw Pope John Paul the Second. Then I saw the nun with the square headpiece again whom I now know to be Sister Faustina ((Barbara Ann: Oh my, yeah, Sister Faustina)) Um, I saw, em, so many other figures I didn’t know who they were but I’ve since been told one was St. Benedict – Benedictine I think? ((Barbara Ann: St. Benedict is…St. Benedict , he’s a powerful, powerful saint)) And the other was St. Augustine and I’d never heard of any of them, they meant nothing to me. So then what happened…I knew something was happening to me because during all this period I…eh…a few strange things began to happen. I would start thinking of the crucifixion and slowly by degrees I would get very, very upset thinking about the crucifixion… and then I’d find myself waking at three o’clock in the morning…and floods of tears thinking of Jesus on the cross. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and yet I KNEW! I was of sound mind because I’m a very business – sorry, I’m a very  busy career woman, so I’ve a, I’ve a very serious job.  So I knew I couldn’t go into my office the next day and act as if nothing was happening, because I have to work. I mean I have to live my life as normally as I could. But I was trembling and shaking inside. But I wasn’t afraid! However, on the eighth of November, I just felt compelled to say the rosary at three o’clock in the afternoon. I don’t know why…something made me get the room ready, and I prayed, and our lady gave me a message for the very first time.  ((Barbara Ann: And did you see our Lady, did she come to you and did you hear anything?)) Yes…yes…yes, no sound, no voices, no – nothing like that. Mouth moving, yes. And I had a pen and paper …I don’t know why I was so organized, I just felt something was happening. And that’s when she gave me the first message. I hadn’t a clue what it meant. I’ll just give you a quote from that message, “My child, you have a responsible job to do, and you must not let anyone stop you. The truth has to get out. You have been chosen to do this work. My child, stay strong. Look to God above for guidance to do my work.”  And then she said, “You have all the saints working with you,“ and I stopped and looked again and I saw them all again! ((Barbara Ann: The same saints that you saw prior – before? St. Faustina…mhmm, okay..)) All the saints that I saw before, all of them. And I stopped and I said, “Are you really speaking to me?” I dropped my pen and I said, “What’s this…am I…am I…Are you speaking to me or what?”  “Pick up your pen, that’s right, and spread the truth before it’s too late. These messages are of divine origin and must be respected. I trust you to make sure they are delivered effectively to a disbelieving world. It is most important that you stay strong for my beloved son. I know you suffer for him, with him, and through him. Rejoice because this is good, you are blessed, my child, to have been chosen for this work. Stay strong.”  And the message continues. I didn’t know what it meant at all. This was at three thirty in the afternoon on the eighth of November. I…and then…that night, I was fast asleep, and at three o’clock in the morning I woke up with a start! I felt my body…as if I was being lifted out of my body, that’s all I can describe this as.  And I turned on the light and I looked at my clock and I happened to have a picture of Jesus beside me because I …I…I believe now I was slowly (6:45) converting up to that point. And somebody gave me a picture of Jesus. It was a battered picture, it was just propped there, and I Iooked and to my absolute amazement, em (sigh), his face came out and, and…just… came alive and his mouth started to move and I knew he was speaking but he didn’t say anything. I couldn’t hear anything. And I had an old envelope beside my bed so I grabbed it and I found a pen, I knew he wanted to communicate. And that first message was…I…I think it was three o’clock in the morning, fast asleep, and next minute out this message came, and, it was just extraordinary – I couldn’t make it up. I’ll just give you the first paragraph ((Barbara Ann: Oh yes, please do!)) 

Image of Jesus that supposedly speaks to MDM

“Behold, the time is near for you to tell the world that justice will befall all those who reject me. My mercy knows no bounds to all those who follow the truth of my suffering on the cross. Joy to those of my followers who reject the temptations they are faced with every day. Others, who turn their backs on my teachings, are blind to the promises made by me when I died for their sins on the cross. I am in deep pain and feel desolate with the abandonment that I suffer from my beloved sinners for whom I gave up my earthly life.”  (8:09)  “And it goes on.  ((Barbara Ann: Wow, ach, you know, I’ll tell you…)) I was trembling all over I- I-  ((Barbara Ann: What did you do…you know when you receive a message like that and you’re called to such service, how did you feel at that point? Did you go to, did you share it with anyone or do you just keep it…did you keep it to yourself to that point?))  I rang my best friend the next morning. And I said either I’m going crazy or something is happening.   And there was a part of me hoping I was goin’ crazy. Because, I said if this is a breakdown of some sort, I’d rather have that than this.  I, I, I, I, I just couldn’t deal with what was happening.  I didn’t really want to deal with what was happening, and yet I felt this …it was a compelling feeling to be drawn back, I… I…I rang my priest as well…because he knows me for twenty years, and he laughed because he was, I’m the last person he would associate – ((Barbara Ann: You know that’s what makes it even so more amazing that God has chosen you and I imagine you must have felt that way, here you were you said you were almost an agnostic…)) I was  ((Barbara Ann: and yet, heh…)) I was ((Barbara Ann: Our Lady came to you and then you’re receiving these gifts . So you had a total conversion of the heart because of this and this is what God’s calling all of us to do, isn’t he? To have that conversion of heart?)) That, that’s really, I mean since then I’ve had over two hundred and fifty messages ((Barbara Ann: Mmm…)) and quite a few haven’t been published but ((Barbara Ann: Well are, are most of these messages meant for people to hear, or are many of those meant just for you privately?)) No, they’re meant for a very specific reason. ( (Mmm hmm…))  They’re for the world, because there’s a lot going to happen now. I’m never, ever given dates but he’s told me, now that I’m getting strong, it’s nearly a year now, having gone through all the trauma, I can’t deal with this, not able for this, I don’t want this, take this back, being woken up at three o’clock in the morning I actually asked him on the fifth day, please don’t wake me up at three…((Barbara Ann: Are you still being wakened up at three o’clock in the morning?)) No. ((Barbara Ann: Oh okay)) Only once or twice with a very important message. ((Barbara Ann: Okay)) So one of the messages were, he told me that , em, the world is going to change [unintelligible]  Now  you must  remember I know nothing –  I’m embarrassed to admit this  but, I never read the bible, I know nothing about the bible , em, I suppose, eh, as I grew up the Bible was not something that we had, we, we, we weren’t really taught very much about the bible and I think a lot of Catholics would say the same.  It’s not (10:35) something that was very high on the agenda , don’t ask me why ((Barbara Ann: that’s true, mmm hmm)) Don’t ask me why, but he told me that , em, he was giving me, em, messages to the world …because he’s out of an act of mercy…he’s not coming back to judge straightaway because he said if he did there would be very few people in heaven.  It’ll be an empty place. So what he said to me is, I’m giving you these messages so that you can spread conversion to every religion in the world so they can call on every religion in the world…to listen…and to hear the word of God the father as well… because, he’s coming back to save us again, and this time he’s going to give us a warning…  Now, I’d no idea what this meant.  I’d no idea what this warning meant, and he was , he told me he was going to come back and he’s going to give everybody a chance to redeem themselves in his eyes, and he said, “Did you not think I would never come back and save you again? Because of what’s happened in the world for so many centuries,” he said, that his mercy, um, you know, he loves everybody and he’s coming back and (11:42) what’s going to happen is – and I didn’t know about anything to do with this Garabandal apparition, [unintelligible – seemingly?] this message , similar messages have been given to visionaries ((Barbara Ann: Yes, yeah they have been, all the way back through the ages even from Lasalette, Our Lady of LaSalette…)) But he said that he’s going… everyone in the world is going to see him and it’s either he’s going to touch them with his love, not one person on this earth will not feel him touching them…you, you’re going to wake up in the morning…you’re going to see the cross in the sky, this is what I’ve been told, you’re going to see two comets or two stars as if there’s an explosion in the sky ((Barbara Ann: Mmm hmm)) but it’s not going to (12:23) harm you physically but a lot of people will get very, very frightened and think it’s the end of the world, but it’s not. You’re going to be shown your sins as you offend him in his eyes. Unfortunately, some people who are in hardened sinners are going to find it so difficult they will suffer during this. They will suffer the pain of hell…people in other less grievous sin will suffer the pain of purgatory.  And he said it’s for a short period of time, but without this warning they wouldn’t be saved.  ((Barbara Ann: So the …actually…everyone is going to see this at the same time? The light? )) That’s what I’m trying to figure out because he didn’t give me a time…he just – I got the impression morning but I mean I don’t know. He doesn’t give me a date, he keeps saying it’s very soon…I’ve noticed that the messages are getting very urgent…um…((Barbara Ann: Well when he talks about “very soon” and he’s been giving you these messages  do you feel , you know, lots of times we hear that this is the time of purification and then there’s going to be a time of chastisement…is this what you feel, or this is what Jesus is telling you?)) Because I didn’t understand a lot of the meaning behind the messages as I was taking them down, I just didn’t really understand them but my understanding now is, it’s going to happen very soon.  He told me in January that 2011 is the year of purification. ((Barbara Ann: Mmm hmm)) I didn’t know what that meant. I thought it meant we all suffered in the world because of the economic collapse.  I- I-  I didn’t really understand what that meant, em, so, he has told me it’s very soon, em, I’ve made mistakes in, in…when I was taking down some of the messages. I took down the message correctly but I start to interpret them then. You know, if our lord says a few months it could be a year, it could be a few years ((Barbara Ann: Yeah, his time is not our time, we know that)) This is my problem, and em, it’s very soon I know that ((Barbara Ann: But if you’re saying that the year 2011 is the year of purification, then that certainly must show you that we are coming toward that time…)) Yes we are ((Barbara Ann: when the warning is going to take effect.  Does he give you what, has he told you what that warning is going to be…is it going to globally affect the whole world?)) Every single person over the age of reason (14:51) ((Barbara Ann: Wow, over the age of reason…)) But I mean, I suppose it would be ages six or seven ((Barbara Ann: Mmm hmm…)) Every single person ((Barbara Ann: And so it’s going to be such a powerful event that no one …)) It is, it’s going to shock the world. ((Barbara Ann: Wow)) Em, it’s going to be…it’s going to…em, everybody will be touched… ((Barbara Ann: What about atheists?)) The most hardened…((Barbara Ann: Has he talked about atheists? Will they be touched?)) Everyone. Everyone. ((Barbara Ann: Okay)) It doesn’t matter who they are, atheists included.  They will not be judged at that point.  They will be told, they’ll be, going to be given time to redeem themselves in his eyes. They’ll suffer for awhile, and then, only the most hardened of sinners won’t turn back. But he prays, asks me to pray for them every single day.  ((Barbara Ann: Does he tell you what is causing him the most pain?)) Yes.  ((Barbara Ann: And what is that?))  (two second pause 15:32) Ohhh! Emm…(one second pause)…okay, the sins are…the two sins that upset him…and I have a message actually for the American people I actually got today ((Barbara Ann: Oh good, okay)) I could read it to you in a minute (15:45) ((Barbara Ann: Okay, I’d like that)) (pause) em… there are a few things, obviously, well, abortion…((Barbara Ann: Mmm hmm)) (15:59 At this point the audio feed cuts out. Dead air for about eight seconds and then the feed comes back in again)  You know, I’m not an expert , I mean I really don’t even know the Seven (small chuckle) Deadly Sins ((Barbara Ann: Okay))  He has mentioned abortion quite a lot  ((Barbara Ann: And you know actually Maria, we certainly can agree because the world seems to have been turned, uh, uh, totally around, disregarding any of God’s, uh, commands to us, and when you talk about the sexual promiscuity in this world, I mean, through television or social media today,)) Yes. ((Barbara Ann: …it’s bound to affect Jesus in such a way that, eh, no wonder our lady cries tears…)) Well I mean, I’ve seen him suffer terribly, I mean he’s shown me visions now ((Barbara Ann:  Mm hmm)) (16:39). He, he…he has em, (pause) I’ve seen him cry, in front of me, I have seen him, ehh, just so sad it’d break your heart ((Barbara Ann: Have you seen him with his mother?)) Never together. ((Barbara Ann: Never together)) I’ve seen them individually.  I al-…em, I see every side of him now I’ve got to know him very well. I, I, I, I, I suppose, even though I’m ge - … not even a year, I’m getting more used to this. I’m still overwhelmed, because, when you’re in his presence, it’s a light and it’s an energy that comes out and that drains you. But you feel his pain, I feel his pain in lots of ways now. I, I, g-, I, he asked me to become what’s called a victim soul. I didn’t know what that meant. I said yes and he said no, wait. So, I contacted my priest and I said what does that mean? And he explained so I took time before I decided. And then I went into the church with the priest and I consecrated myself to him ((Barbara Ann: Wow!)) So, so now in union with him I suffer… ((Barbara Ann: So, actually…))  But I- I- I- I-, I’m fine (18:00) ((Barbara Ann: …you are carrying a heavy cross.))  No, I’m fine. ((Barbara Ann: You’re fine.)) Surprisingly! ((Barbara Ann: Mm hmm. Can you share the message that Jesus gave to you for America?)) Yes. Now I’ve only typed some of it because I haven’t time to type it up, you understand? ((Barbara Ann: Oh, okay. You just received that today then.)) I did, at 3:30.  ((Barbara Ann: Oh, how ‘bout that, that’s, mm…)) It replaced the normal message, okay? ((Barbara Ann: Mm hmm))  “My dearly beloved daughter,  I wish to communicate with the American people.  My message to them is this.  You, my precious children, suffer greatly in these times.  You are experiencing a cleansing that is necessary in order to purify your souls.  The greatest sins in America, which torment me, are the sins of abortion and immorality of the flesh.  Many of my children are infested by the deceiver who rules, hidden behind closed doors, your monetary and political system.  So many of you are oblivious to this fact.  I now urge you to pray for the relief required from their devious plans to destroy your country.  Prayer, my children, will help mitigate the chastisement which my father will unleash in the world against the sin of abortion.  Pray, pray, and unite, to pay homage to my father.  For, by uniting together, all religions who honor the father, (19:22) God the creator of the world, you can help your country.   You must pray for forgiveness and trust that your prayers will be responded … to according to my father’s own divine timing.”   I’m reading from my handwriting so sometimes I …((Barbara Ann: That’s okay)) “Embrace your brothers and sisters of all religious denominations who believe in God the father, and pray as one to redeem the sins of your country.  My children,  so vast is your country that it is important that I can save as many souls as possible.  I can do this only through conversion, which will happen during the warning and through your prayers and devotions.  Turn to me now all of you.  Do not discriminate against each other..,” I’m sorry, “…against each other‘s religions.  Just trust in God the father and he will answer you prayers.  You, my precious children, are lost. You have been shown so much confusion with twisted truths about the existence of God the father.  You use religion as a facade to wreak venom on those more unfortunate than you.  It is time to accept the truth that will only be..,” I’m sorry, “…it is time to accept the truth …and it will only be through your love of neighbor that as a nation you can return into the arms of your creator God the father.  I love you with a tearing compassion in my whole being.  I strive to save you so you can be taken into the new and wonderful era of peace that awaits you on this earth. To enter this (21:10) paradise, your soul must be free of sin.  Pray for the graces to seek forgiveness for your own sins and the sins committed by your government. I leave you in peace and love. Your beloved (21:23) saviour, Jesus Christ”  ((Barbara Ann: Wow! And he wanted this message )) Yes. ((Barbara Ann: …to be given to America!)) Yes ((Barbara Ann:  Well, I, you know, when you spoke those words, and you said…when Jesus said, “I love you with a tearing compassion,”  what a beautiful  way to, to describe that! I’ve never heard it that way.))  All of the messages, some of them are very stark, and some of them are frightening but they’re all full of love. I mean, even though sometimes I (21:50) tremble when I’m writing them, they’re just so full of lo- you still have the love that comes from them.  It’s just unbelieveable. ((Barbara Ann: Does he tell you what these chastisements are going to be? Are they going to follow the purification?))  My …yes. What’s going to hap-, he, he, I won’t say too much because I know a lot of things are being mitigated at the moment which is very good news. ((Barbara Ann:  Okay,)) He’s very happy with prayer in (22:17) the world, he said millions of souls are converting already, em, and a lot of the people who followed  the website, their prayers have have have have, have produced fantastic, eh…results according to Jesus, and some of my private message. Em, but really, the warning takes place first. We’re then going to be given some time.  I- I believe a matter of months, no longer than a year. And then, at that stage, only those who, who have turned towards towards God-God the father…really…em….can move forward with him. Em, that’s when the chastisement will come but I’m hoping through prayer that can be mitigated.  ((Barbara Ann:  So, you’re talking about the warning first, and you said that the warning should be coming soon,)) Yes ((Barbara Ann: … you don’t know dates, uh,)) No. ((Barbara Ann:  You’ve never been given times,)) I’ve been told the month before it’s going to happen but no further. ((Barbara Ann:  Oh sss-…)) No dates, and he’ll never give me a date for anything. He told me that.  ((Barbara Ann:  No…well have you been told already a month that it’s going…)) Yes ((Barbara Ann: …oh you KNOW! Are you able to share that with us?)) No!   ((Barbara Ann:  No, you can’t.)) No ((Barbara Ann: Okay. Alright, um, you know, I know that God the father has been mentioned quite frequently…)) Yes ((Barbara Ann: …and yet many times people do not pray to God the father)) I know ((Barbara Ann: …we’ll pray to Jesus, we’ll pray to the Blessed Virgin, to the Holy Spirit, um, do, are you suggesting, then, that people really go (23:38) to God the father and seek, uh, discernment and wisdom from him?))  Yes, em, I got a message I in fact God the fa- and various and the various saints, I was just getting used to the messages from Jesus and then, em, God the father, em, is announced by the Holy Spirit. I was trembling, I was so shocked…when I got the first message, em, I’m trying to see if I have it here now.  Em, but yes, he’s very loving…((Barbara Ann: Have you seen God the father?)) Yes! Yes! ((Barbara Ann:  Can- you have seen him! Can you describe…can you describe what God the father)) Yes ((Barbara Ann: …looks like to you or what the Blessed Mother looks like or what J-…?))  I’ll describe him by (24:19) comparing him to what Jesus looks like ((Barbara Ann: Oh, okay))  I always thought of God as one. I never really thought three, in the Trinity, I, I, I didn’t get that, okay? So, when I started to see the other face I didn’t know what it was, em, (24:46)  Jesus is quite slim, thin, thin, very gentle, eh, wavy, wavy sort of reddish type of hair, browny red, ((Barbara Ann:  Mmm hmm))  But God the father’s much darker and he’s got, em, very curly hair. He’s got thicker lips. He’s very loving but, I can’t describe it, I s’pose it’s a sense of…majesty about him ((Barbara Ann: Well, artists always depict them as being (24:59) with grey hair, and long hair…)) Nope! ((it’s not that?)) No ((Barbara Ann: No?)) No! ((Okay… )) Not at all.  I, that’s what surprised me. Em, yeah, I’m just trying to see if I have the message from them but the first message I  was terrified because I was trembling…because I could feel his anger.  And people say God isn’t angry, well I felt it that day. He’s very angry. And yet I felt his love, but the anger was palp- palpable. And that surprised me because I always, I never thought God could be, angry. I didn’t think Jesus could be angry. But yes they do, they get angry. ((Barbara Ann:  Well, yeah, righteous anger, I guess, when he looks down and sees…)) Righteous anger, yes, ((Barbara Ann: all the gifts that he’s…)) that’s a good way of describing it ((Barbara Ann: Sure because he’s poured down so many blessings upon all of us and yet we ignore him, continue to take him out of everything, especially here in America, and I imagine all over the world today.))  But it’s so weird to hear me speak myself, I mean, I even listen to what I’m saying, and I say, can you imagine if you heard someone like me three years ago saying this? I would just dismiss them and think they were lunatics.  ((Barbara Ann:  Yeah, but you know what Maria?))  But this is what I found so difficult about receiving them, I just said this can’t, it isn’t real, it can’t be ((Barbara Ann:  You see M-…)) …and now, of course, I’ve changed, I’ve got strong, ((Barbara Ann:  Mmm hmm, well, I, I…))  it still never fails to sort of …overwhelm me, you know? ((Barbara Ann: Well, I can imagine, but I think it was for a purpose, because as you begin to speak, I know that there are many people that perhaps are listening to us right now that feel as if they have never invited God into their heart, maybe they have sinned in such a way or led such a life, uh, uh, against God, that they feel as if there is no way that God would ever embrace them, and we’re… ))   This is what Jesus told me about that. ((Barbara Ann:  Oh, tell us.)) First of all, he loves every sinner. He detests the sin, but he loves every sinner, even the most hardened sinners.  You cannot be helped unless you ask. He will listen to everyone. He will NOT judge you, he will listen. Open your heart. If you really want Jesus to listen, and you’re really, really desperate, what you do is you, you, you pray to God the father in the name of his son Jesus Christ. And you ask God the father, for the sake of his son, to hear your prayer. And he can never turn you down when you ask in the name of the son.  ((Barbara Ann:  You know that is almost like the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, “For the sake of his sorrowful passion, eternal father, you know, I offer you the body and blood…))  He told me that the message that he was giving me is a manifestation of the Divine Mercy, and that’s what it meant. That was a prophecy, not just a prayer. That he’s going to pour out his mercy, through the rays, all over the world. That’s what he meant. He was coming back to save us one last time.  ((Barbara Ann:  So, we have an opportunity to change our ways,)) Yes ((…our life, our hearts, our families, to bring peace into this world,)) Yes. ((…but it has to begin with each one of us making that step forward.))  And he’s giving us the gift to enable us to do that in a much easier way ((Barbara Ann:  You know, when you receive all these messages, and I know you received about two hundred and fifty messages since last year, is this when this first began?)) Yeah.  ((Barbara Ann:  So, almost every day you receive,)) Every day I get them, yes ((… every day you receive a message,)) Every single day and sometimes I have…I’m not allowed to say them unless I’ve been in prayer, I have to... Jesus is completely, em, he’s instructed me from day one, and…there are lots of things I have to do.  I have to go to mass every day, I’ve got to receive the Eucharist, I have to go to adoration three to four days a week, I must pray so many hours a day and that is to be… I have to be obedient to him, but through my obedience I can save souls.  ((Barbara Ann:  Now, you say that you, you know, you’re in the business world.)) (28:49) Yes ((Barbara Ann: Are you still working, are you s-)) Yes, ((Barbara Ann: …how can you combine both of these, you know, so many times people say, “I don’t have time for prayer,”)) Extraordinary, isn’t it? [laughter] ((Barbara Ann:  Yeah, but you know, if we put God first in all things, he, he works everything out for us, doesn’t he?))  He does, eh, eh in some ways it’s extremely difficult.  Because you’re wearing two, two, two faces. ((Barbara Ann:  Mmm hmm))  But then on the other hand, you know, there’s a side of me says… that says, you know, it’s good to have that balance. You know, ((Barbara Ann:  Oh yes.))  I mean you can’t just desert the world, you’ve got to live in the world, you’ve got to communicate with people, ((Barbara Ann:  That’s right.)) you’ve got to…you’ve relationships you’ve, you know, eh, God doesn’t want you just to desert everybody, and just run into a church and spend all day there.  I mean, prayer, he told me, can be simply chatting to him in your own words throughout the day. That is just powerful. You know, in your own words, ((Barbara Ann: Yeah, you know (29:43) because when we begin speaking to our friends, you know, we have a conversation with them, and I guess he wants us to be his friend, he’s our friend, so we need to communicate with him, and take time to do that.)) Yes. He’s talking about loving your neighbor and…he means by that to show kindness and love to everyone and never cheat on people, don’t treat them badly, don’t insult them, don’t slander them, and he means it right across, and, you know,  it hurts him terribly, em, when he sees people, eh, mistreat others. He’s so gentle himself, and yet he’s so s-, he’s so gentle but yet… there’s a firmness there. You know?  ((Barbara Ann: Well, when you talk about the warning, and the warning IS going to happen and you feel deep in your heart that it's not far off, so we need to be prepared because you talk about the year 2011 (30:37) being the year of purification...and, you know)) Yeah ((Barbara Ann: ...actually Maria we have seen, uh, earthquakes, we've seen tsunamis, we've seen hurricanes, we've seen everything come against us in various ways, not only here in America but around the world.  Do you feel that this is like the birth pangs, that this...)) Yes it is  ((Barbara Ann: the beginning...)) They are the birth pangs, yes.  We're three and a half years into the tribulation already. ((Barbara Ann: Oh, we are! Okay...)) Yes ((Barbara Ann: ...well, what do you think is going to happen. Is this going to escalate, and come faster and faster? )) Okay. I don't believe in scaremongering, because, I never hear- I didn't know what was in the book of Revelatio- I still don't. ((Barbara Ann: Mmm hmm)) People tell me what's in it, I don-, I’m no-, I try not to because I'm afraid it might influence  what I'm getting. ((Barbara Ann: I see, mm hmm)) The one thing I'll have to want to reassure everybody.  His mercy knows no bounds.  He wants to save, he does not want to, eh, cause destruction, of course he doesn't.  His patience is running out, though.  This is going to give people a chance to turn back and pray.  Prayer...will mitigate the level and the impact of the chastisement, I can tell you that, I KNOW that.  ((Barbara Ann: Mmm hmm))  There will be a certain difficult period but it won't last long.  ((Barbara Ann: So it won't last long, but everyone is going to be aware that this is happening...)) Everyone. And then, what's going to happen after that, the scientists are going to put it down to, em, some kind of, eh, comets that clashed and eh, they're going to put it down to a sci-, they're going to give it, give it eh, give it a scientific em name and they're going to evaluate it scientifically ((Barbara Ann: But is this going to be in the sign of the cross?)) No, the cross comes first so when you see the cross in the sky you know it's close.   ((Barbara Ann: Oh, okay. The cross comes first...)) Yeah ((Barbara Ann: Okay.  Will that cross be a cross of light, of brightness?)) I actually don't know ((Barbara Ann: You don't know. Okay, interesting. Wow! Okay, uh))  Well he gives me certain things, he did say that now's a time for reflection, if you could just pray for yourselves and for your friends and family, and ask for redemption for your sins, if you're genuinely remorseful.  It's going to lessen the suffering you'll go through during the warning.  People won't suffer physically, but they will suffer …the pain of sin and they will also...a lot of people, sadly, will not be able to withstand the shock and may drop dead with fright. And there's nothing to fear, but they will. And he wants people to pray for those souls, because they're the ones he's really concerned about. ((Barbara Ann: So, in other words, if we are walking closely with God, if we're trying our very best to lead the kind of life that Jesus is telling us to lead, and spend time in prayer, pray for our country, pray for our politicians, pray for all those  who have been, uh, promoting any kind of evil in the world, uh, you know, we don't  have to fear ourselves, do we, because we...)) (33:19)  Not only do you not need to fear, it's a moment of great joy ((Barbara Ann: Mm hmm)) He says it's going to be the most're going're going to...he''re going to come face to face with him on your own...((Barbara Ann: Wow)) it's going to be an incredible, em, meeting. You're going to see him. He's going to touch you ((Barbara Ann: Oh my goodness...)) It's going to be a wonderful day, I mean it is a wonderful, joyful occasion for believers it really is.  ((Barbara Ann: We are living in, uh, exciting times right now! We have the opportunity to really change our lives and to convert our hearts over  and to…)) He said that we’re very lucky to be living in these times, because, he said, people over the years were not given this act of mercy or this gift of his Divine Mercy, and they died without… in sin, without gi- you know, being given this chance, and he says this is an amazing gift and you’re very lucky to be living in these times ((Barbara Ann: So, even the hardest heart has the opportunity to be)) Yeah ((Barbara Ann: changed)) Yes ((Barbara Ann: You know, Maria, I have Father Neil on the phone. He would like to speak with you, would you mind taking a call?)) Of course ((Barbara Ann: Alright let me go to the phone and say hello to Father Neil Buchlein, um, hey Father! Welcome to As The Spirit Leads , I, I ))
[ Fr. Buchlein: Thank you, thank you for having me]  

((Barbara Ann: Yeah, well, I have Maria of Divine Mercy with us today and I’m sure that you have a question that you may wanna ask of her?)) 

[ Fr. Buchlein: I do.  Hi Maria, and uh…]  

How are you Father? 

[ Fr. Buchlein: …It’s been a pleasure to listen to you, being a priest, I was wondering if you would share, uh, in regard to the area of your spiritual director, was it difficult in finding a spiritual director that was willing to work with you and guide you?] 

Yes. (pause)

[Fr. Buchlein: Okay.] 

The first thing I did was talk to a priest.

[ Fr. Buchlein: Mm hmm.] 

Um, I, I looked for direction from day one, em, I wa- I met the priest, em, he reluctantly passed me on to another priest who reluctantly passed me on to another one, I had to go through five ((Barbara Ann: Mmm five different priests, wow)) And then on the final priest, he broke down, cried and told me he couldn’t do it, he hadn’t got the strength. 

[Fr. Buchlein: Okay.]  

The next priest brought it to the Archbishop’s attention who agreed to investigate the messages  (pause) and he (pause) This elderly man decided that someone like me couldn’t receive a message from Jesus. I was not a typical visionary.

[ Fr. Buchlein: Okay.]  

And dismissed the messages within a few months because he found one discrepancy  in the first message. (Long pause) The first message Jesus mentioned the word despair,

[ Fr. Buchlein: Mm hmm,]

…and the priest said Jesus would never use the word  despair.  So I asked Jesus, and Jesus came back with the answer. It’s a euphemism for the term “grace distressed”. 

[ Fr. Buchlein: Okay.]

But the priest said, “I’m not going back to the messages until the warning has taken place and we will, we will renew the investigation at that point.”  So now, thankfully, I have a spiritual director and I’ve access to two wonderful priests who take my call anytime, any day, any hour.

[ Fr. Buchlein: Okay.  Okay. Out of all the messages that you’ve been receiving, you’ve said it’s been like two hundred and fifty, uh, messages since the beginning, uh, and you’re receiving messages every day, are there specific messages for you that you do not share?] 


[ Fr. Buchlein: Okay.] 

There are messages which I don’t share ((Barbara Ann: Do you have messages for priests?)) Yes. ((Barbara Ann: Are you able to share any of those messages from priests who might be listening ))  (37:36)  Well, he calls priests his sa- actually some of the terms he uses are sort of extraordinary. He calls priests “sacred servants,”  (pause) em…and he knows they’re going to go through difficult times …their faith is going to be tested, in a way that they would never have imagined possible pause ((Barbara Ann: Was this, was this before all the, um, uh, the attacks from the kingdom of darkness on the priesthood? With the sexual…)) No, this is now moving forward ((Barbara Ann: Okay.)) It’s not going to be an easy time, because, eh, there’s going to be an attempt to ban all religions, not just the Catholic religion or the Christian religion. There’s going to be an attempt, em, to try and abolish the public, em, teaching of the word of God. I can’t go into all of that detail because I’m privy to other things I can’t publish  ((Barbara Ann: Mmm hmm)) And that’s the challenge that’s going to face Christians everywhere not just Christians but Jews, Hindus, Muslims, you name the religion. Religion will not be tolerated.

[ Fr. Buchlein: So is this aiming or moving, is this moving towards then the one world religion then…]


[ Fr. Buchlein: That sometimes some people write about?]

Yes very much so.

[ Fr. Buchlein: Okay.  Okay.]

I mean I live in Europe,

[ Fr. Buchlein: Right]  

And in the…in European constitution religion is, i-, i-, is, em, not a…you can’t teach religion in schools.

[ Fr. Buchlein: Hm.]

((Barbara Ann: You can’t teach religion in schools over in Europe?)) No it’s a new, it’s a new ((Barbara Ann: New rule?))  legislation that’s just come in, no ((Barbara Ann: My, that’s astounding to know that.)) Oh no, oh yes you can’t, it’s, it’s …in Ireland where I live…I don’t mind telling you I live in Ireland…((Barbara Ann: Okay)) eh, if you want to be taught, eh, religion, Christianity, you have to pay for it.  ((Barbara Ann: Oh, so there’s no such thing as a public, uh, school where you could go in and…))  The schools will still teach it but a lot of parents will refu- will, will object if their child is taught any form of religion ((Barbara Ann: Well, you have to realize also here in America they have taken God out of everything, I mean, even, uh, in our public schools kids are not allowed to even sing Christmas hymns anymore. )) They’ve taken statues from the churches in Ireland.  They’ve taken them down  ((Barbara Ann: The statues from the churches? The Catholic churches?)) Yeah, a lot of the statues are gone…em…we’re living in a period of darkness in Europe ((Barbara Ann: Well who’s… (40:05) who’s taking the statues down?)) I don’t know.  I know that there’s a, there’s em, the priests there are there try their best and work very, very hard, but em, there’s a spirit of, a spiri- spiritual darkness in Europe right now. It’s politically incorrect even to mention God, even to mention Jesus, it’s not considered eh, cool. ((Barbara Ann: And Ireland used to be considered one of the most…)) Religious…((Barbara Ann: Yeah))  …of Europe. No longer  so, I’m afraid.  ((Barbara Ann: So, when Jesus looks down and sees all of this, um, no wonder, you know, he has, um, given you such dire messages about chastisement and what people can expect. )) Yes ((Barbara Ann: Mmm.)) 

[ Fr. Buchlein: Are you yourself under spiritual attack?]


[ Fr. Buchlein: Do you have periods of darkness…]

I was waiting for that question (laughs)

[ Fr. Buchlein: I’m sorry?]

((Barbara Ann: She was waiting for that question))

[ Fr. Buchlein: Oh (laughter)] 

I knew that was going to come.  (laughter)  Of course. Now that I understand more, of course I am, yes.

[ Fr. Buchlein: Okay.]  

((Barbara Ann: So, uh, I mean, are you constantly under this kind of an attack, I imagine…)) Yes, ((Barbara Ann:  …you are, you have to fight that battle consistently.)) Yes, of course I am.  I, the only difference now is I’m able to withstand it, I’m very strong. I’m protected quite a lot. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, em, but I’m certainly able to deal with it  much better than I was in the beginning. The beginning was pretty awful. It’s okay now, I’m stronger. ((Barbara Ann: Mm hmm. So, you know when you are really under attack, you know it’s because of the work that God’s called you for,  to do, to accomplish…)) Yes. It’s beginning to make me feel joyful now, it used to terrorize me. But now I smile.  In fact on a humorous note, I was attacked viciously about two weeks ago. Really badly, and I looked at Jesus one night, and he was looking at me and, I just went, Ahh, why does this always happen to me? Why…why am I always a target? And he, I just -sort of half laughed and I just burst out laughing (laughter)  ((Barbara Ann: So you knew.)) He started to laugh, and I laughed back. I just said, well, let’s soldier on!  ((Barbara Ann: that just shows you the battle that we’re in, right? Well, you know, um, Maria, we have Father Neil Buchlein with us right now, we have about three minutes left and...)) Okay. ((Barbara Ann: We’re going to have to close off the program. I want to give your website so people can go and read some of those messages, are all the messages there?)) Yes. ((Barbara Ann: Okay.)) The Warning Second Coming dot com. ((Barbara Ann: It’s The Warning Second Coming dot com.  Every one of you listening, go to that website, read those warnings, read those messages, they are important. Father, we have two minutes but I really would like you to pray at this moment, and, and, give a special blessing to Maria of Divine Mercy. Uh, you know, she’s been called, uh, as I mentioned at the beginning of the program,  she is carrying a cross and it’s not easy what she has to go through and most people’d say, oh, I’d like to see the blessed mother or I’d like to be able to talk to God the father but she’s been given a specific purpose in life right now, and, it’s not easy, and I know Maria, I really appreciate you being with us today.)) It was my pleasure, you’ve treated me very kindly, and thank you very much. ((Barbara Ann: Oh, you are so welcome. )) I know it could be difficult, but, thank you ((Barbara Ann: Well, you know what I want to do is, before, when we have to say goodbye, I’m gonna put you on hold so my producer can talk to you for a moment but in the meantime, Father Neil, I know you’re a special priest and I’d like you to give her a special blessing today, okay?))

[ Fr. Buchlein: Okay.  Lord Jesus, I ask very humbly right now that you will continue to strengthen and to pour down your grace of love and mercy insight, wisdom, perseverance,  upon your servant Maria, whom you have given a very difficult mission, a very difficult vocation. Continue to console her and to love her, to help her to always realize that she is doing your will and that you suffered out of love for us and that she, in saying yes to this particular mission, will also have the strength to suffer along with you and not have her faith shaken by the darkness of doubt.  That she, through the grace of the sacrament and certainly of your love will continue to stay on the path and continue to be open in sharing these messages for all of us, that all of humanity, that all of us will open our hearts and our ears and realize that the time is indeed short, but that we should not fear and that, once again, we need to come back to you with our whole mind, body, and spirit, and may Almighty God bless all of us in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.]   

((Barbara Ann: All right, thank you Maria, I’m going to put you on hold. Thank you Father Neil for joining us,))

[ Fr. Buchlein: Thank you.]

((Barbara Ann: And God bless all of you and we’ll be back tomorrow at the same time. Please join us then.)) 

Pray the rosary!