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Monday, May 13, 2013

Message to MDM Followers

Message to MDM followers: On late May 9th on the "Jesus to Mankind" Facebook page I posted an article presenting the full text, in English and Slovakian, of the Slovakian Conference of Bishops letter CONDEMNING the MDM messages. The Bishop even called the messages heretical. The MDM leaders reacted by DELETING my post entirely and blocking me from ever posting again on their page. They did this so that YOU, their follower, CANNOT READ THE NEGATIVE OPINION OF MDM FROM THE SLOVAKIAN BISHOPS. 
On that same day I also posted the Bishops' letter on this blog and it was also posted on the "Maria Divine Mercy-True or False?" Facebook page.

Amazingly enough, two days later on May 12 another "message from jesus" was published by MDM dated May 10. "Jesus" says, "Those who have not been given My Holy Word,INCLUDING THOSE COUNTRIES WHERE I AM CONDEMNED, are the first souls I must reach out to."

Do you think this is just a coincidence? This is not all.

This is proof these messages are fake because the Slovakian Bishops' Conference letter condemning the messages from MDM was published by the bishops SIX MONTHS AGO on November 12, 2012! Why didn't Jesus mention it back then? Why did he suddenly and "coincidentally" mention it two days after this blog and the Facebook Page "Maria Divine Mercy - True or False?" posted the letter for all to see?

Please ask yourself why they would hide this information from you and what they are really up to. I pray for you in my daily rosaries. May God bless you!
 Maria Divine Mercy, Schism! A Deception of Satan!


  1. Lovey, no surprise you were blocked from Facebook. Heaven forbid anyone should spoil the party with a reality check from Catholic bishops. I have noted for quite some time that the W2C website has been reading your website.

    There have been quite a few alleged messages from Our Lord requesting that MDM (who likes to call herself Marie Divine Mercy)refrain from defending herself from critics. Sadly, "she" doesn't seem to be any more obedient to Jesus than she is obeying the Church. Sadder still, the faithful are so enchanted with her flights of fancy, flattery and fiction that they read it with all the discernment of a dime store novel. Hard work like studying the catechism, encyclicals, Church Fathers, saints and Scripture simply doesn't hold the same appeal.

    Nevertheless, someone has to throw out lifelines to rescue all the foolish Catholics who have jumped the barque of Peter for shark infested waters. If they would only swim to safety.

    1. You are writing a whole lot of crap.....................I need to pray for your soul.

    2. Please do pray for my soul, Unknown May 27, I welcome prayers and thank you for your thoughtfulness.Even so, it is interesting to note you have not made a single substantive argument but an ad hominem attack. If you are Catholic, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and carefully reread the messages of the WSC website, than take the time to go back to the recommended sources and study them. See how they measure up to the original, traditional, one and only Jesus Christ of salvation history.

      It is hard to believe any Catholic could fail to recognize the voice of someone doing a bad impersonation of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Did Jesus not say to Philip, almost incredulous, 'Is it possible after all this time that I have been with you that you still do not know me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father." John.14

  2. The Slovakian Bishops have no jurisdiction over a prophet/visionary who lives in Ireland!!!

    1. You are correct Victoria, however, this is what I posted to someone else who said the same thing under a different article, "Although the Slovakian Bishops Conference does not have the Irish "seer" MDM in their jurisdiction, they DO Have the authority to condemn it as they have insofar as the sheep in their flock are in danger of being misled by these false messages. MDM is behaving in a cowardly way spreading messages across the entire globe through the worldwide Internet without revealing her identity; hiding behind the computer screen while her staff of 32 people put out the messages, sell books without any Bishop's imprimatur, and hold meetings across the globe to indoctrinate the unwary Catholic. The latest shameful act is their establishment of an MDM Youth Facebook page designed to entrap the innocent into this tangled web without the approval of the church. In this case, ALL bishops in ALL dioceses have the obligation to make a decision on these messages for the Catholic people they lead."

    2. They are NOT false massages. I know many people wish the were, but no . They are 100 genuine. I know all about this mission, given to the M.D.M. It is no surprise that she is being attacked and rejected. After all, look what they did to Jesus......