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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Convert False Seers and Followers: A World-Wide Prayer Novena

Please participate in a world-wide novena to Good St. Joseph for the purpose of converting the followers of false prophets, especially those of Maria Divine Mercy, and for the conversion of Maria Divine Mercy herself.  It is a Corporal Work of Mercy to pray for others.  

The Novena begins on July 13th to commemorate the third apparition of Our Lady of Fatima to the three shepherd children. This is the vision in which she showed them a vision of hell to remind the world about where "poor sinners go."  

Pray this prayer with reverence to Good St. Joseph, protector of the Holy Family, each day beginning July 13 and ending on July 21st: 

A special thank you to Barry Higgins for his beautiful prayer design. 


  1. I'll be joining you..:-)

  2. what arrogance and nerve to label MDM a cult! shame on you. I bet you are proud of yourself and think you are being more affective but you are working for the evil side, you are working against God's will and final plan of salvation. Each person that you persuade will be added to the price you will have to pay!

    1. Definition of cult by

      "5 a : great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad"

      Many things can be called cults. Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima is valid, and has been validly referred to as "The cult of Our Lady of Fatima."

    2. and according to wikipedia: "The word cult in current popular usage is a pejorative term for a new religious movement or other group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre by the larger society.[1] Usage of the word has been controversial" like I said you have arrogance and nerve to imply that these messages, implied to be from God, are 'abnormal or bizarre'.

      I believe you maliciously used that word to mislead your followers against MDM. Who uses the term "the cult of Our Lady of Fatima"? Maybe the people of the day who doubted it was valid, just exactly like you are doing today.

      Why do you allow yourself to be a tool of the evil side? If you don't accept the messages just leave them be, if you think you are fighting something evil why don't you fight something which truly is evil like abortion or pornography? Now maryS is not only swayed but she is spreading your deception so she is falling under the same condemnation. Just like all the people who called out "crucify him, crucify him, because of the few who manipulated them....

    3. Actually, the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima used the term in 1930, emphasis added by me:

      "In accordance with the prudent practice of the Church in such matters, the ecclesiastical authorities remained reserved after the cycle of apparitions at Fatima ended. Finally, in October of 1930 the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima announced the results of the official canonical inquiry in a pastoral letter on the apparitions, which stated:

      In virtue of considerations made known, and others which for reason of brevity we omit; humbly invoking the Divine Spirit and placing ourselves under the protection of the most Holy Virgin, and after hearing the opinions of our Rev. Advisors in this diocese, we hereby:

      1. Declare worthy of belief, the visions of the shepherd children in the Cova da Iria, parish of Fatima, in this diocese, from 13 May to 13 October, 1917.



      The proper, not slang, use of the word cult has been used in the prayer.

      Don't be afraid. If MDM is truly from God, our Novena will only bolster the messages. If not, then we are doing a good thing in helping heaven eradicate evil.

    4. MDM followers pray for the conversion of Pope Francis, isn't that arrogant? Actually they believe that he might be saved if they pray hard enough!
      And what about the prayers given by MDM. Of course Pope Francis is the false prophet mentioned here, make no mistake. Some excerpts:
      Never allow me to be tempted to idolize the false prophet, who will try to present himself as You. (Crusade prayer 44)
      Dearest Jesus, unite Your Church. Jesus, protect our Sacraments.
      Jesus, don’t let the false prophet divide Your Church. Dearest Jesus, help us to reject lies, presented to us as the
      Truth. Jesus, give us strength. (MDM 'Litany prayer no 1)
      . Cover Your Army with the powerful Love we need, like a shield, to protect us against the
      false prophet and the antichrist (Crusade Prayer 100)

    5. Hi Anonymous,

      If you wasn't so brainwashed by those writings of MDM you would be able to see the truth of what we are trying to tell you.

      MDM has denounced the Pope. It's no use pretending she hasn't because we have it in writing. So what we are saying to you is that this has been done for no reason...none whatsoever! Now if you can't see any wrong in this then I feel sorry for you. So what makes you believe he is a False Pope? An anonymous Irish woman!

      So what harm are you doing? Well..Slandering an innocent person, spreading malicious gossip, which is a sin against the eighth Commandment. There is also the warning from Exodus...

      Exodus 23:1 - You shall not circulate a false report. Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness...

      Anonymous Christians are told to "speak evil of no one." Titus 3:1,2

      As we can see from the above MDM is in grave sin because she has spread a false report about a validly elected Pope...and you my friend are complicit in this action. Now I would advise you go to confession but according to MDM you are unable to receive absolution in the Church..since the "KEYS" have been removed! So no "binding and loosing" sins. You do remember the keys of power and authority given to the Church?

      God Bless You

  3. We are helping spread this novena prayer.God bless

  4. We are concerned Roman Catholics who are obedient to Pope Francis and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. As faithful children of truth of Christ, we will correct those who attack the Pope and the Church, even if it leads to our own persecution and rejection. You cannot say yes to Jesus without saying yes to his Church.

  5. Amen... lets pray to the misled ones...