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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Angel Cloud Appears on Pope Francis's Election Day

South Florida residents saw an Angel cloud formation on the day the new pope was named.
The cloud angel appeared over the Royal Palm Beach area in South Florida a few hours after Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio emerged as Pope Francis.
Some faithfuls say the angel cloud may be heaven's signal of approval of the Cardinals' choice on the new pope. Being a clear sign or maybe a message from God, showing his pleasure at the election of the first Latin American as the 267th successor of St. Peter.
The cloud angel witnessed by South Floridans, snapped photos from several areas and sent them to local TV stations including WFLX and WPTV.
Diane Barnwell snapped a photo of the angel in the sky.  She told WPTV, "It looks like an angel to me, it really, really does. (laughs). I thought 'wow, this is really something, you know?' It made me feel like something is watching over us. And I know the pope was elected yesterday so maybe that was a sign that God is happy with what's happened."
Raymond Russo of St. Ann Catholic Church in West Palm Beach sees a different spiritual leader in that cloud. "To me it looks like Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit all in one, coming to give us a message of good tidings."
Father Nestor Rodriguez is the pastor St. Ann Catholic Church, he says, "Obviously people will see different things, but I think if it's significant for people of faith…if it gives us inspiration…glory to God!"
While most Floridan's were seeing it as a sign sent from above, some were a little on the skeptical side. MSN Now reports, "Sure, masses of devoted souls immediately branded the gorgeous, glowing formation as an "Angel sent for the new Pope," but as speedily as Floridians were snapping and posting photos, comments streamed in disputing the holiness of the illuminated being, with others claiming to see everything from a sea monkey to Lucifer in the heavenly formation."
More than 34,000 people viewed the photo on the WFLX Facebook page and hundreds have shared their feelings on what it means to them.
Thom George wondered, "if Pope Francis ordered that."
Cat Sunn's reaction was, "The Pope asked to pray for Him... God answered."
Hilary Veguilla says, "Just a tiny glimpse of heaven."
Johnny L. Harra keeps thoughts simple, "Its beautiful no matter what or where it came from. People need hope especially right now here in the U.S."
With all things, the angel cloud means different things to different people, but there is one thing that is clear – it captured the imagination.

Source: The Jacksonville Observer

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