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Sunday, March 10, 2013

On the Don Bosco Prophetic Dream Theme...

There are thousands of seers, visionaries, and locutionists. Among these, some claim themselves to be Catholic. Among those, I keep abreast of only a small handful that I think, in my non-theologian opinion, do not seem to contradict Catholic beliefs. I also keep my eye on what the local Catholic bishop's opinion is, and I ignore the messages completely if he disapproves. This is my caveat.

In a previous post I discussed the 1862 prophetic vision of St. Don Bosco that he shared with the boys in his charge:
"In this particular dream Saint John Bosco saw himself standing on a rock in the middle of a vast ocean with no land in sight. What he saw was a vast fleet of innumerable ships in 'battle array.' The prows of these ships were formed into sharp, spearlike points so that whenever they might be thrown or thrust they destroy completely. These enemy ships have lots of guns of all shapes and sizes and missiles but also books, which they also wish to use against one big ship, which Saint John Bosco sees as a majestic and fully equipped ship with its escorts of smaller ones and who receive commands by signals from the big ship. There are various movements and manoeuvres carried out by the escort ships to defend it. In the middle of this ocean and with chaos all around, Saint John Bosco sees 'Two Columns in the Sea' one of which is smaller than the other, and on top of the smaller, stands a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He explains that under Her feet, there is a written title which reads, 'Auxilium Christianorum' which means in English, 'Our Lady help of Christians' and on top of the taller Column is a huge host and written underneath that the title is written 'Salus Credentium' which means that 'Salvation of the Faithful' and which he indicates will be through the Eucharist.
On the deck of the big majestic ship, Saint John Bosco sees the unnamed Sovereign Pontiff who summons all his power and energies to guide the big ship in between the 'Two Columns in the Sea.' He also points out that there are two very big anchors on the Ship one on either side, which are now attached to the Two Columns in the Sea as though the big ship was seeking safety in the midst of the violent storm which was raging against Her. All of the enemy ships move to attack the big ship using guns, writings, books and shouting and anything else they can find. The enemies use all their power and might as violently as they can to try to sink the big ship, but no matter what happens, gentle breezes from the 'Two Columns in the Sea' protect, and save the big ship from destruction.
All the ships that have fought against the Pope’s big ship are scattered, they flee, they collide, break up and are lost. Those smaller ships that have come to the Pope’s rescue and have helped save the big ship are now tied up to the Two Columns in the Sea. They are safe from the raging wind and fire and storms that are sinking the enemy ships." ~ Catholic Lane
With the Conclave starting in two days to replace Pope Benedict XVI, these words are particularly weighty.

Like a child peeking into the doorway of the fancy adult party when she's supposed to be sleeping, I try and sneak a look into what's going on behind the scenes in the Kingdom of Heaven. I went to the site of a visionary I sporadically watch. In the latest message, posted five days before I wrote my article, I was surprised to see our Blessed Mother refer to the Catholic Church as an embattled ship. This particularly interested me. My article of March 7, 2013 entitled, "Next Pope: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke?" was a speculative piece that points out how the mission statement of the Apostolate for which he is the International Director has, as its mission, catechesis through the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Eucharist; just like Don Bosco's pillars in the sea! Future pope? It would certainly fit Don Bosco's prophecy!

I did a search of the other, numerous messages on the visionary's site and there is no other reference to a ship. Here is the message. Please read understanding that this is not an officially approved vision and there has not yet been any decision on the matter:
"3.783 – Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace delivered on March 2, 2013 transmitted in 02/03/2013
Dear children, return to Jesus. He is your All and only in Him is your Salvation. Trust in Him who sees what is hidden and knows each one of you by name. When you feel the weight of the cross, call upon Jesus. Face your needs with courage and you will be victorious. Difficult days are coming for humanity. Now is a time of great and painful tribulations. Pray. Do not stop praying. The great ship (the Church) will face tempests never seen before. She will be encircled by enemies and many will leave her. The net will be cast, but it will break, letting many important fish escape. Jesus is your Way, Truth and Life. Believe firmly in His power and everything will end well. Do not hold back. Go forward without fear. This is the message which I bring to you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing me to gather you here once again. I give you my blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with you." ~Messages to Pedro Regis of Anguera, Bahia, Brazil
Is our Holy Mother leaving a trail of bread crumbs for us to follow? Leaving messages to help us understand what's happening in these times? This is all speculation, of course. Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me," but He also said, "Watch out that no one deceives you, For many will come in my name...and will deceive many." (Mat 24:4-5)

When I get too caught up in searching out these curious messages, I stop to pray a rosary, relying on the Gospel messages for my primary guidance. Jesus gives us all that we need for salvation, if we avail ourselves of it.

When in doubt, gaze lovingly at His image and say, "Jesus, I trust in You!"

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