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Friday, March 15, 2013

Pope Francis, Eucharistic and Marian; the Pope of St. Don Bosco's Dream?
Pope Francis is devoted to the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Evidence of this view can be seen here in the talk he gave at a 2009 Eucharistic conference. His deep spiritual understanding, devotion, and reverence for the Eucharist and Mary as Eucharistic Mother are clear and undeniable in this captivating presentation. Click here: On the Eucharist and Mary by Cardinal Bergoglio

Is this the pope of Saint Don Bosco's dream? Will he guide the embattled ship of the church to safe harbor through the pillars of the Eucharist and Mary, just as the good Saint envisioned? In an earlier article I discussed this idea with regard to another possible papal candidate. Is this new Pontiff, who lives the humble spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi and who chose his papal name to be "Francis", remembering when Pope Innocent III had a dream of St. Francis holding up a falling St. John Lateran, the Vatican church?

Pope Francis has also been a strong defender of life, speaking out unafraid against abortion, the most diabolical evil of our times. As such, this defender of the world's most innocent human beings is absolutely Marian at heart. Satan, in his virulent hatred of the Blessed Mother, attacks society where he couldn't even approach Mary; at its very motherhood.  He rages and our society justifies it. 

Cardinal Bergoglio, in a joint statement of the bishops of Latin America, called it a "death sentence" for the unborn. in a 2007 speech he said, "we should commit ourselves to 'eucharistic coherence', that is, we should be conscious that people cannot receive holy communion and at the same time act or speak against the commandments, in particular when abortion, euthanasia, and other serious crimes against life and family are facilitated.  This responsibility applies particularly to legislators, governors, and health professionals." On March 25, 2011, the good Cardinal led a Rosary for Life at the Cathedral of Buenos Aires on Argentina's "Day of the Unborn Child".

Cardinal Bergoglio lived up to his words by insisting that the children of unwed mothers in Argentina be baptized, a sacrament that children had been denied by all but a few parish priests, about whom the Cardinal called the "hypocrites of today," who would keep God's salvation from them. He said that special tenderness should be shown to sinners and those who are estranged from the faith because, "God abides in the midst of them."

His devotion to our Blessed Mother is further revealed in that, as the first act of his first full day as the Bishop of Rome, he chose to visit the Basilica of St. Mary Major where he presented a bouquet of flowers to our Holy Mother and spent some time praying in front of her icon. He underscores his humility that same morning by insisting on paying his own hotel bill for simple lodgings.
Pope Francis pays his own hotel bill on the first full morning as pope. Credit to Linen on the Hedgerow
On a side note, as I discussed in an earlier article before the Conclave and understanding that if the Holy See gives a negative opinion, we are to flee from these messages, Mary discusses in, messages supposedly given to a seer and discerned by Monsignor John Esseff for publication,  that the new pope would be deeply Marian, one whose devotion was formed by Mary deep in his heart from the start. A humble one who would be a surprise choice as Pontiff after the obvious choices had been exhausted. In a different series of apparitions, also not yet approved by the church, Mary tells the seer Pedro Regis that the See of Peter is in for some difficult times as the "ship of the church", recalling to my mind St. Don Bosco's dream, will be in some turbulent waters. Messages to Pedro Regis of Anguera, Bahia, Brazil

Following the example of our new Holy Father who prays the fifteen decade rosary (perhaps even twenty) each day, pray a rosary every day for the conversion of souls, an end to abortion, the souls in purgatory, and for Holy Mother Church and our new Pontiff.

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