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Monday, August 26, 2013

MDM Leads to Grave Sin: Bishop Fabbro, London Diocese, Ontario, Canada

 Another bishop warns the faithful against following Maria Divine Mercy:

Message from PocketSketch

This letter from Bishop Fabbro of the London diocese is the first warning of a Canadian bishop against MDM. I heard rumors of it earlier but it was only today that I received a hard copy of it as it appeared in parish bulletins locally. It has not been officially posted on the diocesan website even though the excitement over this seer is not limited to the one small town mentioned in the message. A lay person, received an invitation to attend this meeting about Marie Divine Mercy which was slated for the feast day of the Assumption of Our Lady, August 15. Already familiar with her notoriety, she alerted a parish priest who then contacted his bishop. The meeting took place regardless, as it seems the notice came too late. The following is the bulletin insert:

Message of Bishop Fabbro

“Bishop Fabbro has been asked concerning a meeting about Maria Divine Mercy which is to take place at a house in Corunna on August 15, 2013.”

“Maria of Divine Mercy is a woman who chooses to remain anonymous and has made claims of alleged privation revelations. Bishop Fabbro warns Catholics of the diocese that Maria of Divine Mercy has not received the Church’s approval. Indeed, Catholic bishops who have studied her teachings have declared that they are heretical and have forbidden priests to be involved with or cooperate in matters associated with Maria of Divine Mercy. Her prophecies contain material that is both false and contrary to Catholic teaching. The faithful should know that adhering to her teachings can result in grave sin.”

“Bishop Fabbro warns Catholics that they should not be involved with Maria of Divine Mercy nor should they give credence to her messages.”


  1. I was reading this encyclical today by Pius XI, called Divini Redemptoris. It was released on the feast day of St. Joseph, patron of the universal Church, March 19, 1937. As Lovey asked for the intercession of this great saint, it is a timely gift, never outdated, even though it was written in response to the doctrine of communism so many years ago. This paragraph addresses the need for unity:
    “To all Our children . . . in the Church, We make another and more urgent appeal for union. Many times Our paternal heart has been saddened by the DIVERGENCIES -often idle in their causes, ALWAYS TRAGIC IN THEIR CONSEQUENCES - ARRAY IN OPPOSING CAMPS THE SONS OF THE SAME MOTHER CHURCH. Thus it is that the radicals . . . profiting by this discord are able to make it more acute, and end by pitting Catholics one against the other. In view of the events of the past few months, Our warning must seem superfluous {Today, numerous bishops warnings concerning M-DM are ignored.} We repeat it nevertheless once more, FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD, or PERHAPS DO NOT DESIRE TO UNDERSTAND. THOSE WHO MAKE A PRACTICE OF SPREADING DISSENSION AMONG CATHOLICS ASSUME A TERRIBLE RESPONSIBILITY BEFORE GOD and THE CHURCH.”

    1. PocketSketch, the office of the Bishop of the London Diocese said that the letter he sent to priests regarding MDM was not for publication. I am leaving up this article because, as you said, this is what was published for public reading by your pastor. If there is any problem with the publishing of this article, I will gladly withdraw it and instead post a summary.

  2. It is your call Lovey and the bishop's for that matter. I have now read two separate parish bulletins with identical wording of the bishop's message. There is no doubt, his parish priests were directed to alert their parishioners. News of the meeting, hosted by MDM apostles, is doubtless what precipitated him to go public. Regardless, his message did little to dampen enthusiasm. Many Catholics fail to understand that "adhering to her teachings can result in grave sin." They simply can't believe that Satan would tell them to pray the Rosary and recite so many beautiful Crusade Prayers.