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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MDM Prohibited by Bishop Malone of the Diocese of Portland, Maine,U.S.A.

Bishop Richard J. Malone has prohibited the dissemination of the Maria Divine Mercy messages. Here is the text of his letter to pastors, and below that are photos of the actual letter:

Dear Monsignor/Father:

Recently an inquiry was (sic) been made relative to some materials that are being disseminated through the website  The website contains the writings of “Maria Divine Mercy” which is the pseudonym of an anonymous woman who reportedly lives in Dublin and who claims to be a Roman Catholic and to be “receiving spiritual guidance from the Catholic Church.”  Since some of the “messages” promote negative attitudes towards the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and of the Papacy, I have made further inquiry as to the “authenticity” of these alleged revelations.

Through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, an inquiry was made of the Irish Catholic Conference to see if the Irish Bishops had issued any guidance.  Some of the Irish Bishops had no knowledge of these revelations and none had made any statements. However, since the individual uses a pseudonym and is anonymous, it is difficult to investigate.  However, there have been other statements made by other bishops. In particular, Bishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane, Australia has stated: “I have examined some of these messages and found them to be patently fraudulent and corrosive of the true Christian faith as the Catholic Church teaches it.  The Alleged recipient of the messages operates anonymously and refuses to identify and present herself to local Church authority for a theological examination of the content of her messages. The messages contain certain theological and historical errors some of which fall within the category of bogus millenarianism, and they are more likely to provoke fear rather than the peace of the Spirit.  They play on elements of the Catholic Faith only to undermine it at its core.  Moreover, they are outrageous in their claims against Pope Francis.  Therefore, the messages of Maria Divine Mercy are not to be taken seriously, discussed or distributed within the Archdiocese of Brisbane.”

Additionally, both the National Catholic Register and New advent have posted negative evaluations of the Maria Divine Mercy revelations which can be found at and  .

Given the fact that the Church has not yet pronounced on the authenticity of these “revelations”, and given the fact that more than one bishop has judged them to undermine the Catholic faith at its very core, I hereby prohibit the dissemination or promotion of Maria Divine Mercy materials in the Diocese of Portland. If anyone approaches you or you are aware of anyone in your parish that is speaking about or promoting these materials please make them aware of this prohibition.  This ban will be in effect, until such time as the “revelations” are authenticated by the Church. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  Thank you for your ministry to your parishioners and for your commitment and fidelity to the Church.

May God bless you with His peace.  Please know that you are in my prayers.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Richard J. Malone

Apostolic Administrator of Portland

Bishop of Buffalo 



  1. if true this is a sad moment, not something to be celebrated.

    there once was a day when people cheered Barabbas Barabbas......

    1. Anonymous. As a self-appointed defender of M-DM and her new scripture, you are unwittingly betraying Our Lord because you have chosen to participate in this worldwide campaign to undermine the credibility of the one, true Church founded by Christ. Just like the crowd who was whipped into a frenzy of hatred against the Son of God on Good Friday, you are convinced the anointed and chosen Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis, is an impostor. Your false analogy is entirely synchronous with the now familiar drumbeat of M-DM who preaches that Christ is being crucified all over again, only this time in His Body, the Church. Sadly, it illustrates how far your faith has already been disfigured and corroded by this "woman" masquerading as Our Saviour.

      Finally, keep in mind that according to the Catholic catechism, bishops are "heralds of faith, authentic teachers of the apostolic faith ENDOWED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF CHRIST."
      Disregard Bishop Malone and his peers and you will be following a false Messiah. For your own sake, do not be manipulated by a sleek marketeer who operates in shadows.

  2. People cheered, "Barabbas, Barabbas" when Jesus was the possible other choice. in this case, Maria Divine Mercy is not Jesus, doesn't even come remotely close, and gives out messages that violate so many Catholic teachings I can't put a number on it. You think this is "sad"? I find it curious that you are sad that the depressing doomsday scenarios that MDM predicts won't happen the way she says they will. I suppose you might be sad that your stored up hoard of food and unconsecrated hosts for your underground secret masses will now be for naught. How much money did you spend on this trap? Or perhaps you are sad that MDM won't succeed in creating the Church schism she so hoped for and tried to foment. Based on my online written interactions with MDMers, some will continue to believe no matter how many bishops, priests, theologians, and other Catholics warn them.

  3. It is a moment to be celebrated because the Pastors are taking care of their flock. It turns out that this MDM is a bigger fraud than I previously thought - she claimed to be receiving guidance from the Catholic Church and yet no Irish Bishop knew about her! Just more lies from the 'end time prophet'.

    1. that is a lie. She does not claim to be receiving guidance from the Catholic Church. Everyone knows, or should know, she dictates what she is told and publishes it and remains hidden to not be distracted or persecuted. I'm not saying it is a lie being made by the bishop because he uses it as a quote, but the originator of the quote either made a bad assumption or an outright lie.

    2. Quoted below is the exact text right from her website of messages. In addition, she claims to have a spiritual director:

      "This site has been set up to publish a series of divine messages which a Roman Catholic married mother of a young family living in Europe says she has been receiving from the Holy Trinity as well as by the Virgin Mary who she says wishes to be known by a new title “Mother of Salvation”.

      The woman wishes to be known by the name Maria Divine Mercy and says that it is the wish of Jesus that she remains anonymous to protect her family and to avoid any distraction from the messages. The term Divine Mercy is used in her name because The Warning, a supernatural event, an act of Divine Intervention to save the world by God, is a manifestation of The Divine Mercy.

      The messages have been received by her since November 2010 and are still ongoing. Over 850 messages (some of which are private) have been received along with 105 Crusade Prayers, 5 litanies and over 20 individual prayers. According to independent theologians the messages reinforce the Catholic teachings of faith and morals. Maria has been given the support of a number of believers including hundreds of priests and Christian volunteers from all over the world, to enable them to be revealed quickly to the world. They are, she says, being revealed to the world for its own good and that of others.

      The messages have been translated into 38 languages already.

      Whether officially approved by the Church or otherwise, through perchance worthy of pious credence, Catholic individuals are not morally obliged to espouse the messages emanating from any source of private revelation (e.g. apparitions, interior locutions and so forth). Unlike public revelation i.e. Sacred Scripture the Church herself has no providential protection in the realm of private revelations."

    3. I read your full quote taken from "about" on the web site posting the MDM messages. Please indicate where it says that she receives guidance from the church. I read this same "about" before making my post saying the quote is a lie. I fail to see it. I stand my point that the quote going around that she receives guidance is a lie. Please do not compound this issue by saying you heard she has a spiritual director!

    4. You said, "Please do not compound the issue by saying you heard she has a spiritual director."

      I literally HEARD Maria Divine Mercy say she has a spiritual director. In fact, she said she has TWO!

      Didn't you listen to the radio interview of Maria Divine Mercy? In it she says she has two priests who are her spiritual directors. In her words, they, "take my call anytime, any day, any hour."

      You can find the interview if you scroll down on my article here

      The quote from the site testifies to the fact that her supposed Catholicism is important to the messages she is promoting.

    5. thank you for posting my comment and although I asked to not make it more complicated by bringing up the part about a spiritual director you did the opposite and only mentioned that part. ok so I will listen to the interview. however you did not answer the primary point which is where does it say she receives guidance from the church in the about section of the website? I must agree that if she did say she has two spiritual directors than it can be assumed she receives guidance. However I already argue that the interview was quite a while ago. But I will continue my opinion after listening...

    6. I don't think you get it yet, Anonymous. MDM is lying! She also said in her interview that she showed the messages early on to her Archbishop and he dismissed them as false. However, Bishop Malone of Portland said the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops contacted the Irish Conference of Bishops and they had, "No knowledge of these revelations."

      Anonymous, she is a false seer who puts out messages on a huge scale with slick marketing regardless of what the church thinks. She is clearly not receiving guidance from the Catholic Church in spite of the fact that she claims to be Roman Catholic, claims to have "hundreds of priests" who follow the messages when in fact there are many non-Catholic and even fake priests who follow her, and claims to have been supported by independent theologianS when in fact she only has ONE theologian supporting her and he himself has books to sell and walks on verbal eggshells when "approving" of the MDM messages.

    7. I just listened to both parts of the interview on utube and there was no reverence to bishops and only one reference to a priest, one she had known for years and she said it was to ask about becoming a victim soul. She specifically said it was about that and never indicated in any way that she takes guidance regarding the messages from anybody. the only lying going on is from people who feel it their duty to oppose her. The interview is beautiful, thank you for bringing me to hear it again! The woman who interviewed her seems like a lady of faith who was very understanding and believing. praise God!

    8. You listened to it and you didn't hear the part where MDM says she showed the messages to her Archbishop, an elderly gentleman, and he dismissed them? Interesting...because it's clearly heard in the interview. Perhaps you took a bathroom break during that part.

    9. Listen to the interview on my blog. It is the original one. The MDM people are known for selective "editing" of her messages. I have no doubt the You Tube video was a later edition made after the original message had been edited.

    10. From Dr. Kelly Bowring, whose credentials, Ms Lovey likes to discredit:

      Prophecy on War in Syria
      Posted on August 30, 2013 by twohearts
      Wars involving Iran, Israel, Egypt and Syria interlinked

      Now I want you to tell My children that the events foretold in the Book of Revelation are now unfolding in the world.

      My children must not be frightened because their faith and their prayers will help dilute the effects of war, genocide, famine and apostasy.

      Wars will emerge which involve Iran, Israel, Egypt and Syria. All will become interlinked.

      So too, will Italy suffer the fallout which is connected to the rise of the false prophet and his partner the Anti-Christ.

      Pray hard that all countries are not drawn into a global power which will control your money. For should they succeed it will be very difficult. (Jesus, 2-4-12,


      The Middle East will also be involved with Israel and Iran at war and Syria will play a serious part in the downfall of Egypt. (Jesus, 5-16-12,

      The Timetable of Events

      Now, I come to the Fatima secrets, because these have not been revealed by my Church. Instead, they have been covered over and obscured. So, I must speak clearly and openly.

      The events have begun that will lead to the annihilation of the nations. They have been planned by the Evil One and have been set in motion. So, the timetable is not hidden. These events are the beginning birth pangs of this destruction. They are playing out every day, not in some hidden obscure place, but in the very heart of the Middle East. They are before your very eyes and I will explain them so very carefully.

      The war in Syria has lit the fuse. This burns so strongly because Russia continues to arm the regime. Both sides are being strengthened. This guarantees that the fuse will continue to burn. A fuse leads to an explosion. Syria is not the focus of the explosion. It is only the fuse that will lead to other fires. The explosion will take place elsewhere. (Mary, 6-19-13,

      Where is America?

      The world is exploding – Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and so many other places. Where is America? I look to America and it refuses to take its proper place, a place for which I designed it and the reason that I raised it to power…

      There was a time when it would pay any price, bear any burden, fight any foe. America did not seek to dominate but to liberate, not to control people but to free them. Now, it slinks back into the shadows, unwilling to commit its strength to what is true and good.

      When will America say, “We must do the right thing?”…

      Where is America as the fires explode and feed one another? I will tell you where it is. It is looking out for its own interests. It no longer leads. It follows. It no longer says, “This is the right path of goodness and truth”.

      …America, you have rejected my Son, the light of the world. Your leaders no longer look to him for light. What can I do?… (Mary, Message 266,

    11. You said, "from Dr. Kelly Bowring, whose credentials, Ms. Lovey likes to discredit."

      My response: I have never once discredited Kelly Bowring's credentials...EVER! I'm sure he has earned every degree he has, and I am positive he has had every professional position he claims.

      You went on and on about wars in the middle east. The fact is, predictions about wars in the middle east are quite easy to predict as they are always broiling. MDM or her workers simply read the newspapers and online news sources and make "predictions" that any observant reader can make. For example, she speaks of the "warning" and describes how it will appear as two comets colliding. Guess where that description came from? Conchita of Garabandal said this same thing decades ago in describing the warning from her childhood apparitions during interviews. Some claim MDM predicted earthquakes correctly. That is no feat at all. the U.S. Geological Survey says there are tens of thousands of various magnitudes of earthquakes every year. In fact, MDM is a poor prognosticator compared to all her prophecies that have NOT come true.

      For example, in her 2011 radio interview she says it is the year of purification and the warning would happen "in a few months.". There are so many warnings about the "imminent" warning over the past two years that she has had to change tactics and now is not mentioning it so much anymore, considering it is now more than two years after she said it would be "in a few months."

      In another message, she said Pope Benedict would be "viciously ousted" from the Vatican and he would have to "flee" Rome. This is also a false prediction because Pope Benedict in fact chose to step down for health reasons and is happily living in the Vatican in full communion with Pope Francis. As a matter of fact, his possible retirement had already been written about by journalists years before it happened. MDM obviously read that information. Anybody who keeps up on Vatican news could have "predicted" it, but perhaps without as much false melodrama as MDM attached to it. To say he was forced out and he is afraid to speak about it is to call Pope Benedict a liar. Are you willing to do that?

      As far as the numerous contradictions to Catholic doctrines, there are too many to add here. I will present one just as an example. In one message, Jesus refers to His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, as an "angel of light.". However, Mary is not an angel at all! Neither is any human! We are above the angels and completely different types of creatures than angels! In fact, Mary is QUEEN of the Angels! Jesus would never call His Mother a lesser being than she is! On top of that, the angel of light is typically Lucifer! Would Jesus really refer to His Mother as such!

      MDM is a false seer! Run!!

  4. Reminder to commenters: I reserve the right not to publish insulting posts, those that promote the false messages of Maria Divine Mercy, or those that go on ad nauseum about Masonic conspiracy theories but yet do not address the issue of the veracity of the MDM messages with regard to their contradictions to Catholic teachings.

    To the commenter who said, "...random bishops casting judgment," I wonder if you are even Catholic. The opinions of the Catholic bishops are of utmost importance as to whether or not a Catholic should be following any purported visionary. To call them "random" is just plain ridiculous in light of Church procedure, hierarchy, and teachings. This blog is directed only to Catholics and others who are so inclined to respect the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church! Were the apostles simply "random bishops"? There is no such thing.

  5. To the anonymous who wrote:
    I just listened to both parts of the interview on utube and there was no reverence to bishops and only one reference to a priest, one she had known for years and she said it was to ask about becoming a victim soul.

    MDM claimed on her website that she is receiving guidance from the Church. Since I cannot find it at present that means it has been removed now. But it was there. Proof? Well read again
    This has been copied by some who publish her vidoes like here
    So once again I am calling MDM a liar. Though at least a point for her that now she has retracted this one. Well hard to hide it anymore :)

    1. Thank you! And a link to the entire interview is in this article if you scroll down near the end of the article.

      Satan is the father of lies.

    2. This was brought up by Eddie Russel FMI who rightly noticed that if she was receiving the guidance then she must have submitted her writings to the bishop. In that case - if it was approved she should have obtained the imprimatur - 'let it be printed'. Otherwise what kind of spiritual guidance is she receiving? A priest can be her spiritual director but he is not the one to make judgments whether she should publish her hell-knows-from-where 'revelations' as David put it. A real priest would probably inform her that she needs to first obtain the imprimatur. Well it is all a hoax.
      Like take a look at this note from one of the people who are close to MDM herself as you can see in a message regarding regarding a fake priest 'brother Marie-Paul' who by the way usually puts 'Father' before his name, and who even commented on this blog.
      We find out that MDM writes:
      "I have received a message from Jesus. He is a good man. However whether or not he is a real priest I dont know."
      How incredible is that! She doesn't know if he is a priest or not, yet she calls the Pope 'the false prophet'. Maybe again she doesn't know? She calls a man who impersonates a priest (which might be considered a crime in some countries) a good man, and she calls Pope Francis an impostor!
      Go figure - as Americans like to say.

  6. I forgot to add,
    And this is a cached version of W2C website.
    Last line reads: At present Maria is receiving spiritual guidance from the Catholic Church.

  7. comment referring to earlier comments of Aug 28 7:09 AM and 6:57 PM:
    i finally caught the part of the radio interview where they discuss Maria's "spiritual director". She says she went to several priests who dismissed her. One of these priests told her he would present her experience to the bishop but later dismissed her because he did not believe Jesus would use the word despair. There is no claim that any Irish bishop or arch bishop has actually been approached by her. However she does say she eventually found a priest she can call or see, and that she does. There is nothing alarming to me about that. I believe that this is a matter of her own personal faith, I do not believe this priest is influencing the messages in any way. I totally disagree with anyone claiming she is claiming that she is receiving guidance from the church in this matter. She did not say that, only that she has found a priest she can call and ask questions. She does not reveal what those matters are about, it is nothing different than if she is going to confession. That is her personal spiritual life. The messages come from God and she dictates them as accurately as possible and she posts them to the world as God wills and there is no need for church guidance in that matter. All this proves is that there is a priest who believes the messages. Here is a truth: as Jesus claimed, He brings division. Some priests will not believe and some will, some lay people will believe and some wont. These are fundamental truths. Heaven wont be empty and neither will hell.

    1. Did you read the comment above yours before you posted?

    2. FYI if you failed to read the comments, on her website she claimed exactly that -that she IS receiving guidance from the Catholic Church - claiming this, she has mislead many of the people who came to her website. Of course now it is removed, probably it's possible to check when. A few months ago - around April it was still there. Take a look at a cached version of her website - as they say, nothing disappears from the net forever!

      As for dictating them accurately... I have been trying to figure out what the entity 'dictating' the 'messages' meant when it dictated this:
      "Listen to My Words. They will never deviate from the Truth, no more than you, My beloved followers, can sway the Truth to suit your interpretation." December 28th, 2010
      I even wonder that this particular day MDM must have been under some strong influence. This whole message is crazy to say the least.
      Like this:
      "Just remember that Messages from My prophets must be read before you judge and this includes even those that may come from the false prophets."
      Wow... should I start reading John Leary, Little Pebble, Bayside etc etc?

      As for fundamental truths... liars can't be prophets of God

  8. Reply to Anon. Aug.31 who said:

    “The messages come from God and she dictates them as accurately as possible and she posts them to the world as God wills and THERE IS NO NEED FOR CHURCH GUIDANCE in that matter.”

    What authority do you have to make such a bold assertion? If MDM is your only voice of authority, you have mistakenly followed the wrong signpost some mischievous prankster redirected. It has led you to a road of division and separation. Forget about whether or not MDM has spiritual direction and take this matter to a priest for your own spiritual direction. Start with you believe Pope Francis is an impostor who is about to desecrate Our Lady of Fatima through some secret Satanic masses on October 13 to trick folks into believing he has a Marian devotion when, in reality, he is the right hand of the beast, described in Revelation, who will destroy the Catholic Church and excommunicate all priests who persevere in believing in the true, real and substantial presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Reply back with the reception you receive, if you would be so gracious.

    “THE UNIVERSAL ACTIVITY OF THE SPIRIT IS NOT TO BE SEPARATED FROM HIS PARTICULAR ACTIVITY WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST, WHICH IS THE CHURCH. Indeed, IT IS ALWAYS THE SPIRIT WHO IS AT WORK, both when he gives life to the Church and impels her to proclaim Christ, and when he implants and develops his gifts in all individuals and peoples, guiding the Church to discover these gifts, to foster them and to receive them through dialogue. Every form of the Spirit's presence is to be welcomed with respect and gratitude, BUT THE DISCERNMENT OF THIS PRESENCE IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CHURCH, TO WHICH CHRIST GAVE HIS SPIRIT IN ORDER TO GUIDE HER INTO ALL THE TRUTH.” John Paul II, encyclical “Redemptoris Missio- On the Permanent Validity of the Church’s Missionary Mandate, #29”

    1. there is no greater voice of authority for me than God. If God speaks and tells a person to pass His message on to the world, why would there be a need for guidance? Who can provide guidance beyond God!

      But I must admit, I learned how hard it is to be a human and have God speak to you based on St Faustina's diary where this very thing happened and is accepted by the church. St Faustina often doubted that she was really hearing Jesus speak to her. She did share her experience with her confessors / spiritual directors and Mother Superior. So I'm not saying I have a problem with her speaking with a priest or anything, I would probably turn to a priest too. But that is only to be sure that the person is really hearing God and not imagining it, it is not about what to do which is the part God is presenting.

      pocketsketch do you really think I'm making an authority out of myself? when you are the one who puts your opinion above the words which come from God to the world?

  9. Anonymous, we both agree that if God should speak directly to us and ask us to give the world His messages, we would both seek the guidance of a priest. As it is, it is unimaginable your seer has a Catholic priest reading what she writes because he would surely spot all the errors.

    As for putting myself above God, I would indeed be filled with remorse and contrition if you could prove to me God has dumped His Supreme Representative here on earth, Pope Francis, in favor of your pontificating Marie Dvne Mrcy. Until that day the Pope is the perpetual and visible source and foundation of unity. (CCC 882) I'll take my chances with him.

  10. St. Cyprian On the Unity of the Catholic Church

    “Now what is more clever, or what more subtle than that the enemy, detected and cast down by the coming of Christ . . .devise a new fraud . . .to deceive the incautious?”

    “He invented heresies and schisms with which to overthrow the faith, to corrupt the truth, to divide unity.”

    “Those whom he cannot hold in the blindness of the old way, he circumvents [surrounds, attacks, inundates] and deceives by the error of a new way. He snatches men from the Church itself, and, while they seem to themselves to have already approached the light and to have escaped the night of the world, he again pours forth other shadows upon the unsuspecting . . .”

    “although they do not stand with the Gospel of Christ . . .they call themselves Christians”

    “although they walk in darkness, they think that they have light”

    “while the adversary cajoles and deceives, who, as the Apostle says, transforms himself into an angel of light”

    “This happens, most beloved brethren, because there is no return to the source of truth, and the Head is not sought, and the doctrine of the heavenly Master is not kept.”

  11. St. Cyprian, “On the Unity of the Catholic Church”
    “This one Church, also, the Holy Spirit in the Canticle of Canticles designates in the person of the Lord and says:
    'One is my dove, my perfect one is but one, she is the only one of her mother, the chosen one of her that bore her.'
    DOES HE WHO DOES NOT HOLD THIS UNITY THINK THAT HE HOLDS THE FAITH? DOES HE WHO STRIVES AGAINST THE CHURCH and RESISTS HER THINK THAT HE IS IN THE CHURCH, when too the blessed Apostle Paul teaches this same thing and sets forth the sacrament of unity saying: 'One body and one Spirit, one hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God'?”

  12. “Were I to walk the Earth, at this time, they would crucify Me again. Those who claim to love Me and who lead My disciples in the Christian Church would be, sadly, the first to drive the first nail into My Flesh.” “Jesus” to MDM, Aug. 26, 2013.

    This is another cheap shot at the sacred ministry of the Catholic Church. Sacred comes from the word ‘consecrate’ which means ‘holy’, set apart for God. MDM likes to play coy and use vague expressions to hide her rebellious spirit but daily readers know the code, understand all the import of her loaded phrases that the occasional and casual reader may not appreciate. MDM’s target is the Pope, the Cardinals, the bishops and all the clergy; in other words, she hates all these authority figures. Watch how this calumny promptly degrades into hysterics.

    Doubtless, she has read the latest warnings from more bishops who have asked the faithful to stay out of harm’s way and for good reason. She thinks herself not only the last word of truth, left on earth, but is convinced her authority supersedes that which Christ gave to His Church. It does not. Jesus, the Lion from the tribe of Judah, has spoken. This “seer”is a squeaking mouse, too scared to come out in the open and attack the Lion who has conquered.

    Witness this astounding litany of venom spewing forth against the rightful shepherds of the faithful, all dated August 26, 2013:

    1. “None of you has the authority to publicly condemn My Word.” MDM insists she is writing new scripture which is to be revered and venerated as Sacred Scripture. Here, she rebels against the right of the Church to examine the veracity of her “heavenly” messages.

    2. “You, who condemn Me, as I try to fulfill My Father’s Final Covenant, have no shame.” There is no “final covenant” as Christ instituted the new and everlasting covenant at the Last Supper.

    3. “Your pride disgusts Me.” The humble are obedient to proper ecclesiastical authority; whereas, the proud rebel.

    4. “You have condemned your own souls, in My Eyes.” It is the duty of the ordained to protect and guard their flocks from wolves who come speaking in the name of the Messiah.

    5. “You have learned nothing about Me.” Meaning the bishops are ignorant, not MDM who repeatedly pretends her Book of Truth is divinely inspired; whereas, a building body of evidence shows it to be demonically influenced (one dare not use the word “inspired.” )

    6. “You do not believe in Holy Scripture because you deny that My Second Coming will take place.” The Catholic Church prays for the Second Coming each time the Nicene Creed is recited.

    7. “You will be asked to count the souls you have lost Me on the final day.” Admonishing the sinner is a spiritual work of mercy while directing souls to distrust their spiritual leaders is a work of darkness.

    8. “On that day, as you scream for My Mercy, you will be unable to look Me in the Eye.” Well we can be grateful, this time, MDM has reigned in her Irish temper and spared readers her gruesome curses of eye gouging, blinding and maiming.

  13. pocketsketch that's a lot of points. if you really want to turn people off of the messages you should tell them Jesus is soon to come back and He is speaking to MDM! I'm sure every one you tell will never even look or will look and not believe it! on the other hand if you keep saying they are fake fake fake well it just makes me believe all the more that they are real real real!

  14. Speaking about His selection of the twelve apostles Jesus allegedly told Marie Dvn Mrcy the following Sept. 1, 2013:

    “I chose twelve simple men, uneducated and ignorant of Holy Scripture, who were poor fishermen.”

    Once more, MDM is restating her ignorance of Scripture as proof that she is a legitimate seer, drawing a parallel with the apostles. It is a moot point, for she claims the authorship of this message is Jesus; she only writes under His authority and command. Therefore, her level of education is beside the point. What does matter, is that Jesus has not forgotten a single detail of the Gospels and He would never contradict His own Word. He does here. Although many of His apostles were fishermen, they were not all. Matthew was a tax collector, not a fisherman, at the time of his calling.

    “As Jesus passed on from there, He saw a man named Matthew sitting at the customs post. He said to him, ‘Follow me.’ And he got up and followed Him.” Matthew 9:9

    Again, if one is reading MDM as a work of fantasy or fiction, they are entitled to do so. On the hand, if one professes to be a follower of Jesus, then there is only one choice here, fact or fiction, truth or lies, the only begotten Son of God or the daughter of the deceiver.

  15. “I chose twelve simple men, uneducated and ignorant of Holy Scripture, who were poor fishermen.” “Jesus” to MDM, 01_09_13.

    Once more, MDM clumsily restates the tired defense that her ignorance of Scripture legitimizes her as a seer. Her Jesus draws a parallel with the apostles. They may have been simple and uneducated but ignorant of Scripture is an assumption. It is a point which can be challenged; nevertheless, it is irrelevant because she claims the authorship of this message is none other than Jesus. The Son of God certainly isn’t ignorant. Furthermore, as Marie DM only writes under His authority and command, readers have every reason to expect flawless agreement with all points of public Divine Revelation. Jesus quoted effortlessly from the Old Testament and repeatedly astounded His listeners because He spoke with such authority from them. In the end, His opponents no longer dared to challenge Jesus in public because He always left them shamefaced and dumbfounded. That being said, how is it the Jesus of MDM doesn’t know Matthew was a tax collector and not a fisherman? Does any person, in good faith, honestly think Jesus no longer remembers what His twelve Apostles were doing when He selected them? Can one honestly pretend this is just another insignificant detail? No. The Word made flesh would never contradict His own Word.

    Again, if one is reading MDM as a work of fiction, they are entitled to do so. On the hand, if one professes to be a follower of Jesus, then there is only one correct choice: fact or error, truth or lies, the only begotten Son of God or the daughter of the deceiver. Marie DM is all balderdash, braggadocio and blunder.

    “As Jesus passed on from there, He saw a man named Matthew sitting at the customs post. He said to him, ‘Follow me.’ And he got up and followed Him.” Matthew 9:9

  16. anybody who is reading pocketsketch beware, for his opinion is only one side, the side that is out to oppose the messages, I happen to also read the messages and never agree with him. Do not assume he is the authority! In this his latest attack he is picking on Jesus grouping his apostles into fishermen, when in fact at least one was not. Remember though that on other occasions Jesus did this sort of thing, but somehow pocketsketch always fails to consider the full breath of Jesus. Did he not once claim when speaking of the scribes and pharisees "you brood of vipers" and on another occasion "if you are not better than those scribes and pharisees" (both quotes are not literal quotes) Yet we know that he approved of at least one or two, for on an occasion he said "you are not far from the kingdom of heaven" as he spoke to Nichodemus, I believe. (again not a literal quote) Here we have, from scripture, an example of Jesus not being technically correct but acceptably expanding a majority to a whole. If his chosen were more than half fishermen I have no problem with this claim, and am not going to question the validity of the messages on such a detail. How can you dismiss the gift of revelation in the weeks messages and build up a useless argument on such a small grain which is as I argue not even right?

  17. Since ps often quotes from the messages but unfortunately as means to imply they are invalid I offer a quote from the latest (Sept 5 2013, 2:30 pm) message Jesus speaking:"When you are committed to My Service and then speak cruel words against any of God’s children, you commit a grave sin. No sacred servant of Mine can condemn anyone in My Name. You may be familiar with My Teachings – you may be knowledgeable about all that is contained in My Father’s Book, but when you slander another, in My Name, I will cast you away." Your work in my opinion has become slandering the work of Maria Divine Mercy, you have insulted her as an uneducated prophet that either makes up the messages or that Jesus, if speaking, has forgotten His own words and experiences and is thus apparently confused. Your latest effort was time spent pointing out the 'error' of Jesus claiming choosing fishermen, since at least one was a tax collector, but please explain this quote as far as being truthful and likely from God. Are these words that God might say? If they are then why don't you follow them starting today?

    1. Fantastic! This message from MDM is good news! Does it mean all you MDM followers who constantly slander and trash Pope Francis will now cease and desist? After all, your "visionary" has said, "...but when you slander another, in My Name, I will cast you away."

      To overtly reject the Vicar of Christ puts a Catholic into a state of mortal sin. This heresy causes self excommunication according to the Code of Canon Law 751. However, no matter how many times I warned Catholics of this danger, they ignored, will you MDMers ignore the very words of your "prophet" herself?

    2. are you blind? you ignore all my points and find an escape by turning the defense into another argument and thus you continue to slander MDM. ok you are who you are, here is my response to you: since you are so well versed in cannon law answer me this: is there a law that says if a pope becomes heretical he immediately becomes an invalid pope? as far as I understand this was put in place when they created the notion of infallibility of the pope. I would really appreciate it if you could point out a number or reference for me. I do agree with you that when some MDM followers slander the pope they are mistaken, but understand that the Lord is proclaiming that this pope is the false prophet, as foretold in other places such as the book of revelations. we are human and fallible. I too am guilty for trying to build evidence against pf, but now i learned that across the board nobody should condemn or judge anyone. Note / the messages and the followers are two completely different things! Even if the followers are mistaken at times it does not mean the messages are. so answer my question about the pope and then think again about my previous posts without pointing the finger at mdm followers...

    3. The Lord has NOT proclaimed Pope Francis to be a false pope. In addition, The Vicar of Christ was not a heretic before he became pope, and he has not said or done anything heretical since he was elected pope. In addition, he was elected through a validly conducted Conclave of Cardinals. There is no reason whatsoever to even wonder whether or not Pope Francis is a "false pope"...UNLESS you are a follower of the false prophet MDM whose messages contradict numerous Catholic teachings, Sacred Scripture, and even her own messages!

    4. you misunderstand, I'm not trying to say Pope Francis, nor any other pope, has become heretical. I'm only asking if there was a rule written in church law that claims if a pope, at any time, (not implying this has happened) becomes heretical is he automatically deemed an invalid pope? I heard about this but do not know it by an actual reference.

    5. Yes, as far as i know there is such a rule. However this does not apply to Pope Francis because he has in no way shown himself to be a heretic before or, thus far, during his Pontificate. The reason I reiterate this latter point is because the messages of Maria Divine Mercy refer to him as an "imposter", "wicked", "false prophet", the one who stole the "seat" of Peter, the "evil" that has entered the Church and other such references.

      Pope Francis has been tried and convicted by MDM with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. An innocent man, no less than the Vicar of Christ, is being slandered and vilified.

    6. Here's why I'm interested in such a rule. I'm not trying to say PF is invalid because he has become heretical, since so far he has not. I'm thinking logically that if the church has such a rule it anticipated the possibility that a pope could become such. Therefore when a prophesy claims a pope will be a false pope, which might be another way of saying heretical, it is not going beyond the laws of the church. However you and many have fought the messages claiming or implying that God would not allow His chosen, infallible servant to fall to error. Yet the fact that the church itself would have such a law implies to me there is no divine guarantee that a pope can never fall into error. You see, again, I'm not saying it has happened, and hopefully it will never happen. But nonetheless, with such a church law, it implies the possibility of a pope 'losing it'.

      My second point is that I have read other prophecies such as from St Francis who spoke of such (a false father) which also confirms that it is not against church dogma or law to consider such a possibility. You therefore have been completely wrong in condemning messages because they foretell that the time has come to be wary of our holy father.

      My next point addresses calumny and judgement. I have witnessed on both sides of MDM calumny and judgement. Yet both sides have teaching against such!!! Your beloved pope has made at least two wonderful homilies / lectures / messages against calumny and judging. Yet how do you answer to him as a faithful follower when you have spent months of effort under these dark umbrellas. Right, you will have a clever explanation. And for the MDM supporters who are sure they are loyal to the living God, they are on a witch hunt to reveal how 'evil' pf is. Some of them feel it is their primary mission. Yet the messages do not say slander him or prove, only instead to be wary. I have even taken flack from some of them.

      Where does this come from? Surely it is Satan. Satan is so cunning and very hard working, I've been saying that he works seven days a week, in defiance of God. Satan is causing division on both sides. Anytime we follow anger or vengeance or pride we are under his influence. I too admit I was tempted to be observing pf for errors, for signs that he is the fp. Satan is after every single one of us, even the pope, bishops and priests.

      My final point is that evil has obviously infested our countries and societies. Certainly we have witnessed evil infiltrating our churches as well. In Jesus' time it was clear the church of God was unfaithful, they hated and killed, His Son. How many evangelists have been scandalized? In recent memory we suffered a worldwide scandal within the Catholic church. And the leader of a worldwide christian radio network flipped out and thought he could calculate the actual last day only to make a jackass out of himself. Put aside the anger and pride and smell the roses, or rather smell the stench of the devil.

    7. How does any of what you said prove the MDM messages true? On the other hand, numerous bishops have put out official statements that she is to be avoided and her messages are heretical and not to be disseminated. This should be enough for all Catholics to reject her outright.

      I can say with a clear conscience that I have never slandered or committed calumny of Maria Divine Mercy. For you to say I have is slander in itself which I do not appreciate and yet I have published your uncharitable and slanderous words. When I refer to her as an agnostic high-flyer businesswoman, fallen-away Catholic, I take that information directly from her radio interview...they are her own words about herself.

      As far as the Saint Francis prophecy goes, church scholars do not put credence in it because there is no proof St. Francis ever made that prophecy. There is much speculation about how this story came to be, but nobody knows. Therefore, it is not a prophecy at all.

      Many church scholars believe the "False Pope Prophecy" by other mystics happened centuries ago during the schism. There is no proof whatsoever that it is for our times.

      Evil has existed since Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden of Eden. Evil has also infiltrated our churches for as long as there have been churches.

      NONE of this proves the Maria Divine Mercy messages true.

  18. “The Truth lies in the future, when you will finally come home to God in your natural state.” Sept.3, 2013, [Jesus] to MDM

    The truth is not a something; it is someone. Jesus is the Truth. He is with us now.

    “The Old Testament attests that God is the source of all truth. His Word is truth. His Law is truth. His "faithfulness endures to all generations." Since God is "true," the members of his people are called to live in the truth.” catechism 2465

    “In Jesus Christ, the whole of God's truth has been made manifest. "Full of grace and truth," He came as the "light of the world," He is the Truth. " (John 1:14; Jn8:12; Jn14:6) Whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness." The disciple of Jesus continues in His word so as to know ‘the truth [that] will make you free’ and that sanctifies. To follow Jesus is to live in "the Spirit of truth," . . . catechism 2466

    As for living in a “natural state” after death, the baptized live supernatural lives of grace already. Again, folks, it is in Scripture and the catechism. St. Paul has a few words about the "natural state." Check it out. This may not be what you really want.

    “According to the Apostle Paul, the believer enters through Baptism into communion with Christ's death, is buried with him, and rises with him:
    Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.” CCC 1227

  19. “The Truth lies in the future . . .” Sept.3, 2013, [Jesus] to MDM

    Now MDM is contradicting her message, after the fallacy was pointed out, the day before, on the Miraculous Rosary blog. The correction, supposedly from the Beloved Mother,

    “He gave the world the Truth.” [Mother of Salvation] Sept. 6, 2013

    So MDM plays seesaw with the Truth. First she goes this way, then she goes that way. Normally, this would not be a problem, human nature being what it is. However, this lack of continuity, is self-incriminating in and of itself because it proves Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow is not the author of the messages from the Warning Second Coming. It defies reason to suggest either Jesus or His Blessed Mother would contradict themselves and/or one another.

  20. Many of the faithful who are victims of Marie Dvn Mrcy seem to think there is no problem disregarding the warnings issued about this "seer" by their bishops. They should take a few minutes to study this before coming to such hasty and potentially dangerous decision.

    “This is the teaching of the Catholic truth, and no one can depart from it WITHOUT ENDANGERING HIS FAITH and SALVATION.” (Vatican 1, Constitution on the Church of Christ)

    “This power of the supreme pontiff by no means detracts from that ordinary and immediate power of episcopal jurisdiction, by which BISHOPS, WHO HAVE SUCCEEDED in THE PLACE of THE APOSTLES by appointment of the Holy Spirit, tend and govern individually the particular flocks which have been assigned to them. On the contrary, this power of theirs is asserted, supported and defended by the supreme and universal pastor; for St Gregory the Great says: ‘My honour is the honour of the whole church. My honour is the steadfast strength of my brethren. THEN DO I RECEIVE TRUE HONOUR, WHEN IT IS DENIED TO NONE of THOSE TO WHOM HONOUR IS DUE.’ ” (Vatican 1, First Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Christ)

  21. so what is wrong with these statements??? the truth certainly lies in the future: when we stand before God to be judged we will see the truth of our lives then liars will be revealed; Jesus is the way the truth and the life, so naturally He gave the world the truth, but unfortunately look around and see that evil has continued to flourish and that lies are all around us. Jesus is the truth but not everyone has sincerely responded. I'm amazed at how you missed my recent points and continue to cruise on by without stopping, like a runaway train.

    1. The topic of discussion here is the false seer MDM. If I "cruise on by" your comments it is because they are irrelevant to the discussion.

      Are you Catholic? If you are, then you should understand that Jesus IS the Church! If MDM contradicts Church teachings, then MDM contradicts Jesus Himself, understand? There is no separation!

      How did this happen? In Sacred Scripture we read, "Thou art Peter, and on this rock I shall build My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." Jesus continued on, "and I will give unto you the keys of the Kingdom of heaven and truly i say to you whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." "If you forgive anyone's sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven."

      We also know that before Jesus ascended into heaven after His resurrection He promised to send the apostles His helper, the Paraclete. We understand that to mean Holy Spirit. We know Jesus did indeed send His Spirit to the apostles which we now celebrate as the birthday of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church; Pentecost.

      You see, anonymous? Jesus IS the Church. When we stand with the Church, we also stand with Jesus. It doesn't matter what any mystic or seer has said, whether approved or not. Standing by the magisterium means you stand with the fullness of His truth. If you are not Catholic, then you don't understand this. If you ARE Catholic, I hope you realize and embrace this.

  22. Anonymous said on Sept.19 that the messages of MDM do not say to slander Pope Francis. This seer has made a litany of slander against Our Holy Father, beginning with calling him the 'head of the Serpent', the False Prophet, The Impostor, the right hand of the beast, the abomination and so on. She has identified a host of things he will do to gut the Catholic church, destroy her tabernacles, change her sacraments, teach false doctrine, rob her, excommunicate good priests and so forth. Even the disciples of MDM know this. For you to pretend otherwise is intellectual dishonesty and the practice of deceit.

    Why do you think Lovey has dedicated so much to exposing this false prophet called MDM if she is as innocuous as you pretend? She hasn't predicted there will be a pope who will be betray the Church as you alluded, rather she has asserted the successor of the last true pope, Benedict, is the usurper of the chair of Peter.

    If she was simply asking Catholics to pray and do penance there would be no reason to bother with her. Her malicious and relentless attack on Holy Mother Church is a scandal because she has condemned an innocent, holy man selected by God to lead His Church; furthermore she has already judged he is going to join Satan in the everlasting fires of the abyss.Anonymous, pointing out the seriousness of these egregious statements is a spiritual work of mercy. Contrary to slander, it is truth she has spoken from a sincere heart of love. Lovey has never returned evil for evil. Judgement is condemning a soul to hell. Mercy is warning a soul when they stand on the precipice of hell if they do not turn back. This is where the lies and sensationalism of MDM has led many. They are Catholic on the outside and rebellious Protestants on the inside refusing to obey Church authority and trust in the continuing work of the Holy Spirit.