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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Caution MDMers!


Wisdom by PocketSketch:

"Unguarded souls willing throw caution to the wind because many books of prophecy they read are all prefaced with a guarantee from Pope Urban of reward to believers regardless of the bishop’s decision to approve a seer or not. Well, here is another quotation from an even more recent pope and one highly esteemed by many good Catholics even today. In point of fact, he is a saint. This should strike fear into your hearts for he makes a pronouncement which is most explicit.

"'The gates of hell will not prevail over this [Peter's] confession, the chains of death will not bind it: for these words are words of life. And AS THEY RAISE TO HEAVEN THOSE WHO CONFESS THEM, THEY PLUNGE TO HELL THOSE WHO DENY THEM. For this reason it is said to blessed Peter: I will give to you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.' St. Leo the Great

"Dare anyone continue to read, repeat or propagate the prophecies of MDM now? Why not take the traditional Jesus of Sacred Scripture at His word when He prophesied, “the gates of hell will not prevail”? (Mat.16:18) After all, isn’t He the one who proved His love by exposing Himself to die naked on the Cross? What has MDM done to prove herself? She won’t even come out of hiding.

"Her power and influence is zealously concealed behind a powerful web service designed to conceal, protect and monitor all Internet criticism. Is it just possible, she is conducting a huge experiment just to see how many, how fast and how furiously she can command little people to run around like mice and nibble at all the rewards she so carefully lays out in her labyrinth stations only to deliver electrical shocks when they don’t behave according to her dictates? Apostles of MDM, do you really want to be her helpless little rodents to play with? Put on the cloak of Christ and burn the cloak of MDM. It is infested."


  1. The quotation they cite from Pope Urban has never been documented. In fact, as the Holy Office noted he issued a document requiring that all claims of private revelations be approved by the local bishop before publication.

  2. Yes folks, you are right, the Gates of Hell have not prevailed against the Holy Roman Catholic Church; for "even if the true Church of Jesus Christ was reduced to a handful of true believers, and one true priest, they would remain the true Church of Jesus Christ on earth" (St. Athanasius. However, with that said, the gates of Hell and Satan himself have certainly infiltrated the Church Administration at all levels inside and around the Vatican. Any denial of that slippery slope is extreme naivete and gross denial.
    On Wednesday of this week, Vatican Radio proudly praised the movie "Blue" introduced at the Cannes Film Festival:

    Of course Vatican Radio is widely known as "The Voice of the Pope and the Church" Read the movie review, and tell me if you think this "progressive" thinking represents your Church. Thank you Vatican II! And if you really are willing to pull your heads out of the sand, read the article from Rorate Caeli, penned by Father Dariusz Oko, that clearly outlines the distinction of Church vs Church Administration:

    Now of course, it is highly unlikely that this reply will be published, but I would conjecture that this is relevant to everything on this blog, whether it be Miraculous Rosary, or MDM.

    1. Thank you for your willingness to post this and forgive me for my comment about "heads in sand" Its a general comment towards anyone who ( most of the Catholics out there) is unwilling to speak up passionately against the assault on the church from the inside out. I saw an article about brave Bishop Thomas Paprocki from Illinois, the same man of God who told his flock that voting for those who support abortion and gay rights, is "intrinsically evil" and took a lot of heat for that, debate a dissident nun on the topic of same sex marriage. Here is the link to that article:

      These brave men of God must be supported for their courage to speak out in a world gone made with political and social correctness

    2. I don't think defense of the church should entail the trashing of Pope Francis, do you? MDM followers follow every minute detail about our Vicar only for the purpose of criticizing him. Is this right? Just read their Facebook pages!

      Rorate-Caeli and Tradition in Action are definitely NOT fair-minded Catholic blogs. Rorate-Caeli in particular started out with a hatchet job on Pope Francis until they were called out on it and then they toned it down.

      That there are bad elements within the church could very well be true. So what? Every large organization has them. Shall we focus on them, or on the GOOD? Jesus promised us the gates of hell shall not prevail against her, therefore, I will live in trust of His words.

      Trashing the pope is dangerous to your status as a Catholic and thus, to your soul. But being loyal to the church and being the best Catholic you can be won't ever do your soul harm. I choose the latter.

  3. Sorry anonymous commentor, I will not post your next comment which is rife with unsubstantiated gossip and rumor. I will, however ask you to address the topic of the article above. When will an MDM supporter actually defend why they think it is okay to promote the heresies in the MDM messages? Also please directly address the bishops, priests, and theologians on their publicly declared points as to why the messages are false because they contradict Catholic teachings.

    I wish I was paid for every time an MDM supporter skirted specific arguments proving the MDM messages false and instead put out cloak and dagger conspiracy theories inspired by the fiction of author Tom Horn.

    Are you aware that most experts believe the St. Malachy prophesies were completely made up? Not even St. Bernard, a close contemporary of St. Malachy, ever mentioned that Malachy had made any type of prophetic predictions. They were "suddenly discovered" in the 1500's. Are you also aware that the supposed prophecies of St. Francis are strongly believed by experts to have been added later...also invented?

    Isn't it enough that Pope Benedict himself declared that he was NOT "ousted", but was simply not in a physical condition to fulfill his duties as Pope? MDMers consider Pope Benedict XVI the REAL pope, and yet with the same tongue they imply that he LIED to them about his retirement.

    1. Lovey I honestly think that you should allow all comments from all mdm'ers then people can see how those who profess to be Catholic are acting, and we can show that we won't be intimidated, then too I could have more fun lol

  4. Open your eyes Lovey and lift the veil. You are asleep and focusing on everything wrong in your unrelenting attack of a messenger. Do you not realize that it is people like you that Mary is and has desperately reached out to about what is happening in the church. My faith and devotion have never been stronger. Peace be with you.

    1. Your post emphasizes my point above. Once again, an MDMer makes a broad, vague statement rather than addressing the specific contradictions and heresy of the MDM messages regarding Sacred Scripture and Church doctrine that bishops have already warned us about.

      Here is what bishops, priests, and prominent theologians have said about the MDM messages:

      May God bless you.

    2. Anonymous, June 8 who suggested Lovey 'Open her eyes and lift the veil.' When the "Warning" which you are expecting comes,it isn't too hard to prophecy that the people who are going to drop dead from shock may well be the Apostles of MDM when God lifts the veil of anonymity from MDM and they realize that they have been bowing down to and promoting the work of the prince of darkness! Why don't you make a break while there is still time?

      As for your faith I am glad you "feel" stronger. Even so,that may not be the case. Read what this early Church Father had to say, "If someone does not hold fast to this unity of Peter, CAN HE IMAGINE THAT HE STILL HOLDS THE FAITH? IF HE DESERT THE CHAIR OF PETER UPON WHOM THE CHURCH WAS BUILT, CAN HE STILL BE CONFIDENT THAT HE IS IN THE CHURCH?” St. Cyprian of Carthage, “The Unity of the Catholic Church”

  5. I have been talking again with MDM’s apostles who continue to spread her “bad news” rather than the Good News of the one and only Jesus Christ. They run away whenever I broach the subject. Any criticism of their cult leader is anathema for them. (So much for following the exhortation of St. Peter to be prepared to give a reason for the hope that lies within you.) Their obstinate resistance and complete disregard for all the thoughtful, very Catholic reasons for rejecting this false prophet, seriously suggests a diabolical influence. It is obvious, MDM’s “Book of Truth” has become their canon of Sacred Scripture.

  6. Accordingly, the heretics are none other than all opponents of MDM; they must be “liberals”; have their “heads in the sand,” or are too fearful to face reality that Holy Mother Church has already completely “disintegrated,” having been disemboweled by the architects of evil who have destroyed her from within.

    Bottom line, her cult followers do not care who or what MDM is. They believe the messages because they want to. While defenders of the faith, do all the hard work of discerning truth with legitimate Catholic resources, they just consume all the offals from WSC website like so much junk food served at a circus carnival.

  7. Why? How could this happen to so many good members of the Church? The most adamant of them, have been reading end time prophecies most of their lives; worse yet, they have been spoon feeding these to their children. They see no harm, even once their children lose the faith. This faith was not entirely lost because of corrupted teaching from so-called Catholic institutes of learning but maybe, just maybe, their parent’s brand of Catholicism was so centered on sensationalism and doomsday scenarios that it left a bad taste.

    Before their children ever realized the marvelous plan God had prepared for them in this life, their disgruntled relatives, replaced all Christian joy and hope, their rightful heritage, with terrible end time prophecies. Rather than live as children of light, in awe and wonder of God’s great act of creation and redemption, they were taught to constantly monitor for signs of the end times. Is it any wonder when they lost faith when these prophecies failed to come true? Two thousand years ago, Jesus told St. John He was coming soon. (Prophesy is not to be interpreted literally.)

  8. Surely, it is one thing to live in a state of grace and another to live with no hope of a future apart from annihilation of the world. Why build anything when the hand of God is ready to strike out and destroy it all? Why direct oneself to solve any of humanity’s problems if we are waiting for direct divine intervention into human history to set mankind straight once and for all? At some point, one has to recognize that too much curiosity about the end times is simply unhealthy. Taken to its logical conclusion, one who follows MDM would have to think Jesus had left behind unfinished business. Moreover, that He had not fully accomplished His Father’s mission.

  9. No. We are not called to be spectators in life. God doesn’t want us to sit around to view the unfolding of human history; He wants us to actively cooperate with the life-giving gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to build a civilization of love - now. We are called to spread the kingdom of God, in the Mystical Body of Christ, to all people and to all nations. If Jesus decides to come while we are thus engaged, we will have nothing to fear. “Well done, my good and faithful servant. . . Enter into the joy of your Master.”

  10. The person who created this blog is a false prophet and is sent by satan even without their knowing.. it is so clear to anyone who knows scripture, who knows the church dogma and who has a relationship with God. very sad indeed if anyone believes this Lovey person... so many are just listening to such a fool

    1. Here is an example of an MDM comment that attempts to support her messages. I think it's easy to understand why I won't publish many of them.

      Anonymous of June 20 at 1:13, you said, "it is so clear to anyone who knows scripture, who knows the church dogma and who has a relationship with God."

      If this is true and you are well versed in all of the above, then let's start with the very first MDM messages from 2010 and work our way forward.

      Here are MDM quotes that stand opposed to Catholic teaching. Please explain how they really DON'T contradict Catholic teaching and then we shall look at the next three. So far no MDM follower has even tried to do this. This could take a while as there are hundreds.

      Let us begin:

      On Nov. 8, 2010 The "virgin mary" said, BEGIN QUOTE, "Never forget, God loves all His children, including those sinners who have offended Him. Beg for Mercy for each and every one of you. THE HOLY FAMILY WILL REUNITE. (Pause…. at that point I was surprised, so I asked Our Lady, “Have I got this part right?” She smiled gently and continued…)" END QUOTE

      Catholic rebuttal: Since Our Lady’s Assumption into heaven, the Holy Family is united eternally in heaven. They are not separated, so why would they need to "REUNITE"?

      On Nov. 13, 2010 "jesus" said,BEGIN QUOTE, "I Am suffering to such an extent that the Wounds inflicted upon Me at My terrible Crucifixion, to which I succumbed, ARE OPENING ONCE AGAIN AND FESTERING, leaving Me in the utmost painful agony of Body, Soul and Divinity. Yet I will never give up loving all of you." END QUOTE

      Catholic rebuttal: The body of Our Lord can never suffer corruption, such as festering. This is also blasphemy.

      On November 21, 2010 Jesus said, BEGIN QUOTE "All paths lead to God, the creator of mankind." END QUOTE

      Catholic rebuttal: The real Jesus actually said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. NO ONE CAN COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME." By definition "all paths" include animism, spiritualism, witchcraft, Marxism, occultism, buddhism, etc. MDM's "jesus" tells us they all lead to God! Impossible.

      I think these three are a good start.

    2. Hmm Knows the Bible and Church Dogma huh? Then tell me why are you against the Pope? The blessed Virgin in Fatima had said as part of the third secret "In Portugal the DOGMA of faith will always be preserved" Now according to Catholic Dogma all Catholics are to remain obedient to the Pope, and from what I have seen so far they still remain obedient, This is what Mary said knowing that in the rest of the world there would be a mass amount of people that will go against the Church teaching, Why do you think that very little problems happen in Portugal? And then there is the Bible, Where Jesus Builds His Church upon the Rock (St.Peter)Now Did Jesus say that it would be temporary or was it out and out UPON THIS ROCK?
      So therefore you are admitting to schism,Further you should know about the Message from Pope Leo XIII Now He said that the Smoke of satan has entered the Vatican, Did he at anytime say that from this time on just choose who you obey in the Papacy? No He did not, So where does this false prophet (OR profit) get the right to slander the Pope?

    3. If Scripture and the teachings of the Church were clear to you my friend you would run a mile from MDM because the messages contradict Scripture and the Churches teachings!

      God Bless