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Monday, June 3, 2013

What MDM Followers and Bill Maher Have in Common


Bill Maher: The Pope's an Atheist and The Vatican Will Likely Poison Him

Sunday, June 02, 2013 8:37 PM                            
 Matthew Archbold

When children are desperate for attention they scream and cry, talk show hosts in need of attention make fun of Catholics. Actually "make fun" isn't the proper term. They hurl hate at Catholics with a smile on their face so they can accuse anyone who's offended of being humorless.

Television host Bill Maher has long lost the power to shock because he's so consistently misinformed and hateful about religious people. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't take note of what is said by him and others like him. Sometimes when I write about anti-Catholic screeds from the media some see it as akin to reporting that the sun came up that morning. My thinking, however, is that someone might just take to the Google and look up what Maher said and I just want to make sure there's something out there informing them he's dead wrong.

Remember the time that the media reported that The Vatican said there was no Hell? Yeah, I still hear about that one in the comboxes. Remember when Pope Benedict XVI supposedly endorsed condom usage? I know some well intentioned people who actually believed that one. We owe it to everyone to report the truth, even in the face of misinformed hatred, intentional or otherwise.

In this case, Bill Maher, the atheist host of HBO's "Real Time," show announced that he believed that Pope Francis is an atheist and because of that, it's likely that the Vatican will attempt to kill the Pope first chance they get.

The Daily Caller reported that Maher was surprised that Pope Francis said Jesus died for all, even atheists. What people choose to do with His love is up to them. This, of course, is not a new teaching. In fact, it's not surprising in the least to anyone except to those who know nothing about the Church and would be surprised by any actual belief of the Church.

Maher said, "You know people always say when somebody says something obvious, ‘Oh is the pope Catholic?’ I think he might not be. I think the pope might be an atheist like I think Obama is." "And I think ‘Pope Frank,’ you know, what’s his real name — his or Argentinian name? Its [Mario Bergoglio]. It sounds like a real expensive rare of shoes. And he’s a sophisticated guy from that era," said Maher. "And I think he’s — I’m telling you, I think the pope’s an atheist.”

Maher doesn't believe in God. And he seems to think anyone with a "sophisticated" brain must not actually really believe in God either. He sees belief as a teddy bear or a pacifier for existential angst much like weekends at the Playboy mansion are for him. Perversely, Maher's way of showing respect for Pope Francis is labeling him a secret atheist. By saying that the Church up until this moment had damned all atheists to Hell is just not true. On this he is misinformed. The Catechism states plainly:
Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or his Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their actions to do his will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience - those too may achieve eternal salvation.
But as with all things Maher, you don't just get misinformation, you get hatred. Maher later added that because of what the Pope said, "You could almost see them (The Vatican) preparing the poison. Luckily we’ve got a spare pope. You know, one of the key things in this religion and most religions is monopoly only through us. Even hippie Jesus said that. Only through me. So this guy is saying everybody gets to heaven. So then they had to walk it back.”

The Vatican didn't walk anything back. The Vatican gave the whole truth, not just the parts some people like. It's likely Maher was referring to a statement from Vatican spokesman Rev. Thomas Rosica who said that those who "truly know the Catholic Church cannot be saved if they refuse to enter her or remain in her." I do believe there are many who do not "truly know" the Catholic Church. Getting your theology from Bill Maher will not change that.


  1. God forgive you for your ill tempered obsession with MDM.

  2. It's impossible NOT to see the similarity. MDM says the people who run the Vatican are evil. So does Bill Maher. MDM followers think Pope Francis gave a free pass to heaven to atheists (via a completely obtuse interpretation of one of his homilies). So does Bill Maher. MDM followers say that Pope Francis is going to do away with mass, belief in Christ as Savior, the Eucharist, and essential Catholic doctrines. That must mean MDM followers think he is pretty much an atheist. Bill Maher thinks so too.

  3. Oh yes, I just noticed something else. MDM says Pope Francis is an "imposter" and Pope Benedict XIV is the REAL pope. MDM followers agree and are awaiting Pope Benedict's return to the See of Peter. Therefore, they must believe he is the "spare" pope...just like Maher when he says, "luckily we've got a spare pope."

  4. Response to Anonymous, June 3 at 4:29PM who said "God forgive you for your ill tempered obsession with MDM.

    I thank the Lord for strong and faithful Catholics like Lovey who will defend the Church, established by Our Saviour, with every modicum of strength she can muster. For too long, MDM has been having a field day while shepherds slept on watch and allowed their flocks to be scattered by wolves. Anyone witnessing their loved ones being mauled by wolves is rightly shocked and grieved. Would you prefer she remain silent? Of course, if you are an apostle of the false prophet that scenario would work to your advantage. Again a double standard, you are allowed to propagate hateful messages all the while forbidding W2C opponents the freedom to expose "her" chicanery.

    The epistle of St. James said this to Christians, "If anyone among you should stray from the truth and someone bring him back, he should know that whoever brings back a sinner from error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins."

  5. Brethren, I urge you to read the MDM messages objectively after asking for guidance from the Holy Spirit. MDM does not say anything; all the messages are directly from Jesus or the Father or Mother Mary. She does not compose or give a commentary to the messages as instructed by Our Lord. If you do not believe, I urge you to take Gmaliel's advice that if it is from the evil one, it will not continue, but if it is from God, noone can stop it. So leave it if you do not believe, God is in control and will judge everyone accordingly including MDM if she is fake.

    1. But when will an MDM follower address the numerous contradictions within the messages themselves, and with the teachings contained in the Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church? When will the MDM believers address the declarations of at least four world bishops who have warned the faithful to stay away?

      I and others have outlined a myriad of reasons why these are quite obviously false, and not one MDM believer will address specific arguments. They consistently ASSUME we must not be praying (false), and we must not be reading objectively (also false...see the intro to my article ), and yet will NOT explain why at least four bishops, prominent theologians, numerous priests, and many knowledgeable lay faithful have solid arguments against MDM based squarely on Catholic teachings.

      I do not sin in not believing these messages. I do not sin in sincerely trying to help Jesus save souls from this anti-Catholic movement containing many Protestant teachings. I do not sin in my love and loyalty to the Holy Catholic Church founded by Jesus. However, one DOES sin in openly rejecting the Pope; literally saying he is a fake.

      "Back away from this spurious seer -- and pronto!" ~ Karl Keating, Founder of Catholic Answers

    2. Lovey, there are no contadictions in MDM messages. Jesus tells us through MDM not to defend His messages or intepret them because they are self explanatory. If you do not understand, ask further guidance from the Holy Spirit. If you read the messages to find fault with them, you definitiely will find faults just as Moslems will tell you so many contradicting verses in the Bible. But we know they do that because they read the Bible with a fault finding mission. In one of the messages, Jesus clearly says that He is not writing a new Bible - He is actually saying the same things in the Bible. Thousands or millions of souls are heading to destruction, and you will agree with me. Jesus is so desperate to have everyone saved. The messages through MDM are so life saving. They want us to be in state of grace at all times - they encourage prayer, fasting, frequent confession and importantly, remorse against sin. They show how immerse His mercy is. That is why I urged in my yesterday's message that read them objectively. The more we argue here, the more we may be pleasing the devil. We all serve the same God so let us just follow what God asks us in the Bible rather than do philosophy or theology here. For me personally, I have never seen an MDM message that contradicts the Bible. Rather, the messages have helped me to seek more closeness with God, avoid sin, confess more, avoid pride and read the Bible more! Anyway, I am not trying to convince anyone or intepret the messages because I do not have that capacity; I am simply sharing my own experience.

    3. There are actually numerous contradictions in the MDM messages. I will compile some of them and post another reply under your comment above when I have more time.

      You said, "If you read the messages to find fault with them, you definitiely will find faults just as Moslems will tell you so many contradicting verses in the Bible.". When I read this I was surprised you would have the audacity to write this considering the MDM followers' constant criticisms and search for flaws on every single picayune detail of the words, actions, gestures, clothing, and facial expressions of our good Pope Francis. You and other MDM adherents are on a constant critical search to "prove" he is the "fake, imposter, false prophet" as MDM says and as MDMers believe.

    4. Thanks very much Lovey. My belief is that if MDM messages are from the evil one, they will not go far. No human effort is required to stop them for God himself is in control and they will crumble like a house built on sand. But if the messages are from God, again no need for any human to defend them because what God has said He will do, He will do it. Noone can stop them. For me, these messages are improving my relationship with God; and that is what matter most to me. For those who do not believe them, it is not a sin. But don't rush to condemn. Remember there was a prophecy in 2011 that Pope Benedict would leave the Vatican and he indeed left this year. Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way by my messages. I love you all very much (and I know you love us too)and pray that God helps all of us see the truth, for we all believe in Him. Surely God will hasten to enlighten us. Amen.

    5. Dear Anonymous June 6 at 2:52, your last statement, "Surely God will hasten to enlighten us," reminds me of the flood joke. A man was trapped in his house because flood waters were rising. When the water was up to the top of the steps, a man in a rowboat called out to him, "Get in!" The man in the house said, "No, thank you! I trust in the providence of God! He will save me!" the rowboat moved on.

      The flood waters were now covering the entire first floor of the house. The man stood at a second floor window. Another rowboat came by and the woman rowing it said, "Get in!" the man said, "No, thank you! I will trust in the providence of God!" the woman rowed away.

      Now the flood waters covered the house and the man was on the roof. A helicopter hovered overhead and the pilot yelled out, "Grab the rope!" The man said, "No, thank you! I will trust in the providence of God!". The helicopter went away to get other people. The man drowned.

      When the man met Jesus he said to Him, "I waited for you to rescue me and you never came!" to which Jesus responded bewildered, " I sent you two boats and a helicopter!"

      The point is that we do not need to "wait" anymore to see if the MDM messages are true. Jesus warned us to test the spirits. God gave us the Gospels. Jesus gave us the Church and her leaders. At least four bishops have warned you the messages are false. Numerous prominent theologians have told you they're false. Many (and many more to come) priests have warned these messages are false. Numerous Catholic teachings are contradicted in the messages. Numerous Scripture writings are contradicted in the messages. The messages themselves contradict.

      God already HAS enlightened us.