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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Valedictorian Prays; Defies School Board!

Liberty, South Carolina

Video was recorded by Brian Dismukes"
By Logan Gibson
June 3, 2013 

"The school district of Pickens County has been under attack over prayer in the past few months, for years a student or community member has prayed before the the Pickens County School Board meetings. However, recently they have been contacted and lawsuits have been threatened by a group against prayer, 'Freedom From Religion,' if they did not stop. The school district voted not to have prayer in school or at events, including graduation after consulting with their Attorneys.

"At the 2013 LHS Graduation, on June 1, the prayer was replaced with a moment of silence.

"In reaction to the change LHS Class of 2013 Valedictorian Roy Costner added The Lord’s prayer into his speech after ripping up his old speech on stage saying, 'Mrs. Gwinn had somehow approved his speech (the one ripped), so I will have to use a different one!' When he arrived to The Lord’s prayer into his speech, this received a huge cheer/excitement and emotion from the crowd.

"It was such an amazing moment! Looking out and seeing all of the family, friends, and mentors in the coliseum clapping and some even standing.

"'We serve an amazing God and I can promise everyone there was absolutely nothing special I did! God chose to show out and without his courage I don’t think I could have made it through His prayer from the overwhelming reaction the crowd gave bringing tears to my eyes.'"

May God bless you for standing up for faith, Roy! Thank you!  ~ Lovey 

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